Friday, January 16, 2009

Back-to-Back Poker Weekends?

As I was preparing (read: not doing anything) to take down the ToC of my regular home game last week, I got an e-mail from that Tuckfard Carson inviting me to a game up at the Carsino in celebrating of the fact that nine months ago, someone let Nutzfirth stick his hoohoo-dilly in their cha-cha long enough to make a new Tuckfard. Please let mom be the major influence in Brody's life. :)

So Kat and I are heading northwards tomorrow with diapers in tow to low-roll some poker with some good folks (and Nutzfirth). There may be a beverage or two consumed as well. I did miss me some live poker. Of course, a Tuckfard game is really only nominally about the poker... it's far more about busting a gut laughing and picking the perfect time to say the right thing to get beer shooting out someone's nose.

I'm just glad it's at the Carsino and not the Cave. Carson lives on a real street that's around other streets that has a reasonable chance of seeing a salt truck and snow plow this week. From what I understand, Bam and Pebbles live in the middle of nowhere and have to hunt Caribou for sustenance in the winter. True story. It's why they've quit smoking, because a buck can see embers from 100 paces. Also, the plows only come down their street 10 minutes after you shovel the driveway.


Quick addendum to yesterday's Vegas post - It's actually possible to fly round-trip to Vegas from Toronto on Westjet for $212, taxes and fees included. I think the cheapest I've ever paid is $450. Of course, that price is Tuesday-Tuesday, but combine that with free IP (and cheap weekends), and you're looking at a week in Vegas for $300 + gambling, drinks and food. Damn.


Wolfshead said...

Do you really think you can trust mom's judgement? After all she was the one who decided Nutz could stick his whatever, where ever in the first place. Maybe would should start a collection to hire a nanny?

BWoP said...


DO IT :-)

Astin said...

Wolf - good point. She could have been drunk at the time though...

CK - Oh how I want to. But I'm already going to Montreal in a couple weeks, and Key West at the end of Feb, and Whistler in March (I hope). Going to Vegas in there might put a strain on my boss's tolerance re: vacation time :).

BamBam said...

We'll see you Saturday !

Oh.... and I'll check the freezer for any extra Caribou bits that might be lying around.

"Freezer" meaning outside and "bits" literally meaning bits!
(you've seen me eat!)


Wolfshead said...

So when is the next Vegas meet? I should be in traveling shape soon tho maybe not shuffleboard form