Thursday, January 08, 2009

Stupid Effing Lucko

Yah... I think I'll blame Lucko too. So what if I only had 945 chips when I shoved over his bet of 450? So what if the money all got in with my KJo vs his 77? The turn was a K and the river as a 7. Stupid effing Lucko. :)

I started off well enough in The Mookie, got lots of cards (JJ at least twice, AA once, AK 4 times, and a bunch of other pocket pairs, suited connectors, etc.), but ended up reverting to pussy poker after the first break and didn't last too long past then. I was out less than 90 minutes from the start. Whoops.

I think one of my favourite sequences was when I had 22 and minraised. Don, directly on my left, re-raises 3x my bet, and I fold. He says, "I thought that was a baiting move there." A couple hands later I get JJ in the BB and everyone folds to me, so I show. The next hand is good ol' AA. It folds to me again and I minraise, and this time Don thinks and calls from the BB. Flop is all unders but loosely connected. I put out a slightly-under-pot-sized bet and Don thinks for a bit before folding. I show the aces (natch) and Don says, "There it is."

Now, in a non-blogger game (or a BBT game), I probably play those Aces differently in that situation. But for relatively early in The Mookie, having a good time (I also enjoyed my back-to-back hammer wins earlier on), and against Don, who I've faced off with countless times, I figured I'd see if I could get it to play out how I expected after the deuces hand and have a little fun. I wanted to let the cards say, "I know you know what I've got, because this is about the 300th time we've been in this situation." After all, that was a hand I was either winning a little with or losing a lot.

Anyway, I had fun, and didn't realize quite how much I missed our Wednesday ritual until I was playing it again. The long break did me good, as I'm once again enjoying this game. Now here's hoping the BBT4 doesn't crush our souls.


lj said...

as i was playing last night i was enjoying myself more than i had in the mookie in ages. not sure what it is, but i feel like there's some energy and excitement back in the blogger community. hmmm, that sounded a little cheesy. but i hear you.

mookie99 said...

Welcome back man.

Schaubs said...

No cash for you!

I like how you and Don battle it out too, hopefully you continue to knock each other down and take each others chips!