Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bigger Things

First - congrats to LJ for taking down the Mooooooooookie last night! I guess I finally found the right thing to say that didn't make you lose.

Anyway... Kat started it.

Politics: Bush is a freakin' moron, but I'm not American so I can laugh. Then again, Harper is a complete tool, as is McGuinty, but neither one has any legitimate competition on the horizon so we're fucked. In the end, it doesn't matter who you vote for, the Government gets in.

Religion: To each their own. If it works for you, who am I to argue? Just don't try and drag me into your belief system. Same goes for vegetarians.

The price of gas: Damn, it's high. Lucky me I barely drive so my gas bills are surely down from a few years ago.

The quality of public education: Does the word "quality" even apply here? I had a comment-discussion on Hoy's blog a little while back on how sick I was that private schools had become so important for a quality education. What amazes me is that here in Ontario at least, a lot (if not most or all) private schools don't require their teachers to actually have a teaching degree. Then again, I went to a good Catholic school (same as public, but with a uniform and one mandatory theology course every year), and there were some shitty accredited teachers there. Regardless, I think public education is one woefully run organization that needs an enema.

Writer's strike: Go writers! Stick it to the studios and their creative math.

Digital divide: For those with the access, but not the knowledge - you just need to stop being afraid. You ain't gonna break it. For those without access - they're working on it.

Disease: As soon as health care stops being for-profit in the States and pharmaceutical companies develop a soul and decide that curing a disease is more important than making money by endlessly treating one, we might get somewhere.

Poverty: There are hundreds of trillions of dollars floating around out there. If you want to eliminate poverty (and take a major shot at disease, the digital divide, politics and the problems with religion), then education is key. Eliminating the gangs, organized crime, and corrupt governments of impoverished nations is key. Here at home, it's all about education and engaging people while they're young. Not just those in poor areas, but everyone to help eliminate prejudice and create a more level playing field. There are a lot of really stupid and ignorant rich people out there.

Mental illness: I've known my fair share of those with "issues". It's not pretty, and it hurts those around them. The problem is, they either have to admit they have a problem and get help, or they have to be so far gone that they're forced into help. It's sad.

Cruelty to animals: I don't get it. Okay, I get wanting to kick your damn cat, or smack your dog once in awhile. I don't get beating them, electrocuting them, putting them in fights to the death, or otherwise causing them anguish. Sick fucks.

Child abuse: Sick. Anyone who beats, molests, or otherwise abuses a child should be dealt with harshly. Hell, there isn't an adult out there who could take what people dole out on their kids. Repeated offenders should be locked up with a very large and lonely cell mate for a very long time. That said, I'm one of those poor misguided fools who thinks the occasional spanking doesn't qualify as abuse and that sometimes, sending them to their room isn't going to teach them anything. But who am I to say? We just live amongst a generation of spoiled pansy-asses who grew up without hearing the word "no" and getting a solid sense of entitlement.

The inadequacy of food banks to deal with the prevalence of hunger in the midst of our plenty: See: poverty. If food banks can't deal with it, it's because we're greedy bastards who don't donate enough. Yes, the root causes need to be addressed, but in the meantime, there are families going hungry and not enough food for them. Meanwhile, there is enough bread and other uneaten, yet perfectly good, food being tossed out every day to feed millions. Go watch We Feed The World if you want to really feel like shit.

There, now we're talking about meaningful topics.


Alyce said...

Eh.. The room punishment is a good one IF done how it was to me, where the few fun things I was allowed to have in my room were taken away. A television was never one of them.

lj said...

you are on fire today b/w this awesome post and all your hilarious comments. thanks for the perfect words, it was all you. :)

Fuel55 said...

indeed ...

platkat said...

I think I WILL watch "We Feed the World" because my raging hangover from over-indulging in sushi and chard last night isn't adequately making me feel like shit right now. I need a blow to my values to match the blow to my liver. :-)

lightning36 said...

Get that horseshoe out of your butt and shine it up for the big one tonight. Good luck.

CSuave said...

"We just live amongst a generation of spoiled pansy-asses who grew up without hearing the word "no" and getting a solid sense of entitlement."

A truer statement could not be found anywhere.

Kat said...

LOL..leave it to you.