Friday, December 21, 2007


What? You want me to talk about going out 20th in the TOC? Later maybe. Congrats to Jeciimd for kicking 17 types of ass on his way to taking that mofo down! Couldn't have been a better choice.

Anyway, promised Love Elf in Vegas I'd put up more food. Also promised a drunken LJ and CK I would about 20 minutes ago... so here we go. These are in no particular order because it's 2am.

Roast veggies from Thanksgiving. Awesome.

Stuffing! Also awesome. I loooove stuffing. Made by my best friend, who is also a fantastic cook.

Turkey from Thanksgiving. Brined the night before. The best fucking Turkey ever.

Tomato and mini bocconcini salad... with basil. Also made by my friend. If there's two plates, chances are she's the guest.

Chicken with a lemon sauce and capers. Looked good, sounded good. WAAAAY too much lemon made it almost inedible. Next time - less lemon.

Shaved carrots and red onions sauteed. Soooo good.

A martini! I have a post about it somewhere in the archives. If I recall, it was good.

Elk roast on its way to the oven. So lean, yet so tender.

Roasted elk roast. Just fresh ground sea salt and black pepper on it

Perfect. I love my digital probe thermometer.

Great dinner. Mashed SAVOURY sweet potato (no fucking brown sugar, cinnamon, or marshmallows, wtf is up with that?), zucchini, garlic, onion and mushroom if I recall as the veggies.

Served. Really good Cabernet Sauvignon with it too. 2003 Catena Alta if I recall. I COULD go look at the other bottles of it I have, but I'm lazy.

Another drink. Looked cool. Tasted okay. Soda, melon.. something else.

When it's time to make sauce... you need supplies. I love the local farmer's market.

Mmm.. tomato.




jjok said...

stuffing in a bird....the way it should be always.....

none of this pan dressing BS.....

that elk looks good too......

Astin said...

Damn straight. Although pan was made too, because you just can't have enough dressing... it was dry and nowhere near as good as the bird stuff.

The elk was awesome. Posting this made me want to make more.

Unknown said...

Gosh, could you share that stuffing recipe? ;p

Astin said...

Sure. You take one best friend who absolutely LOVES Thanksgiving, and have her make her KICK-ASS stuffing the night before.

lj said...

mmmmmmmm. roasted elk meat looks good.

Schaubs said...

I've always said that eating is overrated... but this food looks great!

Keep up the good work. Any strategy that you can pass on about cooking those carrots and onions would be much appreciated...

Astin said...

It was a couple months ago now, but if I recall:

Slice the red onion, sautee over medium heat in oil with some salt and pepper.

Strip the carrot. I just use a peeler to keep taking off strips.

Once the onion starts to brown, add balsamic vinegar. Sugar can be added too if you like. Let the balsamic reduce a bit and then add the carrots. Toss and continue sauteeing for a few minutes. Serve and enjoy.

Easy to do, it just takes some time on the stove.

4dbirds said...

The food looks awesome!! I'm with you on the sweet potatoes. Forget all that sweet crap.

Love_elf said...

Hi Astin!! It was nice meeting you in Vegas! You were on my list of "people to meet". LOL

Smokkee introduced me to your blog because of the food - and I love it!

Any advice on cooking prime rib? I'm going to make my first attempt in a few days.