Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Vegas Recap - One Last Thing

To Falstaff,

Thanks. You took the time and put in the effort to organize one hell of a gathering. As always, a good time was had by all. Lining up The Venetian as the tourney locale was fantastic. Somehow managing to get over 120 degenerates together without any major incidents is mind-boggling. While I wish I had spent more time with everyone, knowing that people like Falstaff are on the job means knowing that there will be ample opportunities in the future to do this all again. Thank you. You did a hell of a job.

To The Wife, Dr. Chako, and Tragedy,

Everyone came looking to win the Golden Hammer, a couple grand, and the respect of bloggers everywhere. You added something unique and special to that experience. While not an American, the importance of that flag being made available to a bunch of drunken buffoons like us wasn't lost on me. I think I found the guitar an even bigger symbol though, if only because it's so much more personal. I can't possibly imagine what Doc and Wife must feel every day they're in this situation, but it's truly amazing that so many people who may not have even met them could make a gesture like this. You managed to elevate this event to something far more sublime.

To everyone else,

I'll see you again in the summer, if not sooner. You all rock.


BamBam said...

Very well said Astin.

jjok said...

great to meet you.....

Unknown said...

It was my honor sir.

Thanks for the ride to the airport and your friendship over the last year and change!