Monday, December 10, 2007

I Run Goot

Frustrating: (adj) Waiting, raising, stealing, and treading water in last place on the points bubble in your 3rd last chance to win a TOC seat, without seeing a truly solid hand.

Fucking Frustrating: (adj) See: Frustrating, add getting KK, and getting an all-in call from JJ, only to see a J fall on the river.

LJ had better win that seat.

Vegas report tomorrow perhaps. I'm tired.

**EDIT: Stayed up, LJ made 2nd. I think she's now at least matched, if not surpassed my level of frustration in these things. That sucks.


Chad C said...

Did you really just complain about not getting cards?

Shrike said...

Sadly, LJ was a bridesmaid. Oh well.

Astin said...

No, I complained about finally getting cards and the inevitable happening. The lack of cards before that was hardly a concern.

lj said...

i'm with you on frustration. to twoblackaces, no less!

not happy about the way i played either of the two hu matches i've been in for a seat, but hopefully there's a poker lesson in all this for me.

great to see you, though all too briefly.