Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It's 11:35am and I'm planning to take a nap as soon as I get home around 5-something this afternoon.

Please don't take that as an invitation to call me. I will send poison through the phones if you do, and then you will be poisoned and possibly die. That would suck, because then I couldn't punch you in the face the next time I see you for waking me up. Unless I'm invited to your funeral. But then I'd be worried it was a sting operation to get me for putting poison in the phone. I'm sure once I explained that I warned you not to call me that they'd understand and let me go. Then I'd punch you in the face. So let me sleep.

No, this isn't continued Vegas recovery, that was Monday. Sweet Jeebus was I tired on Monday.

Went out for drinks and a party last night. Stuck around until the bitter end. I kinda hate being a friend. But I understand it.

Still, I wish I had bugged some of the other friends. Would be interesting to hear the conversations today.

Too bad Kaja wasn't in town today instead of yesterday, I would have liked to have met him.

Mooookie tonight. I'm missing the Riverchasers tomorrow, so I've only got 2 more chances to make the TOC. I might have to try and get my token for the Big Game too. Chad's running a HORSE game as well on Sunday. I hate HORSE. Mostly because I keep missing the game changes and end up playing Razz hands in Stud. Also, getting aces is bad for Razz.

Anyway, Mookie. I plan to come into it well-rested and well-fed with a chip on my shoulder. Just stay the fuck out of my way and you'll be fine. I'm taking this bad boy down.


Golden said...

Do you want to do a last longer tonight in the Mook? Maybe for a Big Game Toke? Or less if you want to. You should jump on it because I have a terrible record in these blogger tourneys, mostly because I get up at 3am to go to work, so by 11pm I'm ready to be put out of my misery.. Let me know if we're on for tonight. (Golden-83)

lightning36 said...

Taking it down??? ha!

While you guys were partying it up in Las Vegas, I was trying to get in the TOC by besting the depleted Riverchasers field. Lost heads up 9-9 vs A-Q pre-flop all in.

I am taking this sucka down tonight ... or donkeying out in 88th place or so ... lol