Monday, December 17, 2007

No History Yet

I'm not at home, so I can't pour over the hand histories with a fine-toothed comb. That will come later, where I will regale people with my tales of luckboxery.

In the meantime, now that I've calmed down a bit, stopped yelling, and am not school-girl giddy over the Big Game win, I can post rationally.

First and foremost: I called it. Congrats to The Goat for taking down one of the two write-in spots for the TOC. Congrats to Fuel55 as well for the second seat, I'll assume my being busted with KK on the first hand in your tale was the point that put you over the top . Condolences to everyone else who didn't make it. Considering I didn't even get mine in due to the constant scrapping of it, I'm impressed by people even entering. Not that my opinion counts for anything.

It was a less than stellar week, as was pretty evident in the posts from at least one day. I didn't get enough sleep, I fell firmly into "friend" territory, and I found out I'd be getting paid 1/3 less than the previous year. It was a hell of a downer to come back from Vegas to. Mix in some other random bullshit, and poker on Sunday was a means of starting fresh. When that ten hit on the turn on the last hand of The Big Game, days of frustration and angst were released in one incredibly loud series of phrases... some of which aren't suitable for the children.

I believe Chad's comment when I turned the straight was, "that sums up the BBT right there." I'll take that phrase and twist it to my own uses. This increasingly less-little group we've got is about far more than poker. The BBT series takes a hobby we all love (and even if you're playing for a living, these Blogger games are a hobby), and raises the stakes. It brings us out of whatever rut we're falling into game-wise and gives us a reason to play harder. But through it all, there is still the underlying camaraderie. You can knock out someone and they'll turn around and cheer you on at the final table. People you respect offer their support and good luck. If you fail, there's no shortage of those to commiserate with. Sure, the BBT is about that Aussie Millions seat, but would any of us keep driving for that if it wasn't for the crowd we're running with down the stretch? I think THAT sums up the BBT right there.

Thanks as always go out to Al. He's once again taken the reigns and created a memorable and fantastic series. It's not over yet by a long shot, but he can't be recognized enough. Naturally, without Hoy, Mookie, and Don, there wouldn't be much of a tournament, so thanks go to them too for setting up some great games.

Which brings me to my next point. This was something Lucko brought up a few weeks back and I think now needs revisiting. There is essentially one vacant seat in the BBT with XxMagiciaNxX winning two events. This should be given to Al - an organizer's exemption if you will. I don't know how he feels about it, but I'm pretty sure that the majority of those in the TOC would support it. Let's make it happen.

Hands of interest will be posted tonight before the MATH. Non-BBToo, 6-handed NLHE. Nice.


Julius_Goat said...

Give Al a seat! Give Al a seat!

Abso-100%-SoColutely give Al a seat.

What you wrote about BBT2 is just right. What a great regular poker society.

Thank you, scien - -- um I mean technology!

Fuel55 said...

Al For President.

Shrike said...

Al can be President + have the spare seat.

Chad C said...

Easy killer, I don't hate you or anything! I just hate the way you play :) That's not necessarily a bad thing since you beat bloggers like they owe you money! My opinion should mean absolutely nothing, its just an opinion. I am not the type of person who is going to lie and tell you how good you played the last hand or many others in between. Just don't take what I say personally is all, I am just an honest loudmouth who says/types what he feels :) BBT is about competition by the way, not fairy hugs and congratulations on playing horribly, at the very least it should be about growing as poker players and not being all in, button mashing lottery clowns! I have no doubts you are a cool dude, just ignore pretty much everything I say, and never take anything I say personally :)

Astin said...

Chad, methinks you're getting a touch sensitive these days. I didn't take it as anything more than a typical comment from you. I'm probably one of the least-tiltable bloggers out there, especially by any random comments. Your line just happened to serve my purposes for this post.

Nor did I say the BBT wasn't about the game. I was merely pointing out that if it wasn't for the people playing in it, there'd be a lot less interest, and that the community around these things makes them more appealing.

Keep hating my play; I'll keep calling your blind bluffs. No hard feelings here. :)

Chad C said...

I think BBT has little to do with people and a whole lot more to do with FREE SHIT. Do you think MOOKIE will hit 110 players this week with no BBTwo incentive? I think not my friend. But that is just my opinion.....

Trust me, I have no doubts you will keep calling hahaha. I will never ever ever ever try to make a move on you again though, I promise next time I will have AT LEAST middle pair which should be good vs you!

Astin said...

Oh, no doubt the free shit brought bigger turnouts, but looking at the TOC list, the only new people to be on it were either Lucko's friends or BuddyDank's. The increase was largely the result of a more regular turnout of previous players, and Riverchasers stepping beyond their usual Thursday boundary. Looking at the increase in blog posts and traffic tells me that the community became much stronger over this period. Sure, the numbers will drop again, but that was never my point.

I'll store that away somewhere and make sure I have one rank higher than you by the river. :)

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

With your lucksackery, maybe you can always hope to be in the "friends with benefits" territory.

Schaubs said...

Nice win lucksackbox.

Good luck, go team Canada eh.

lj said...

lmao at alan's comment.

congrats again on seat!

BamBam said...

Three things Astin;

1)Open seat should = Al
2)Congrats on the BIG GAME win
3)Thanks for the linkage


Unknown said...

Eh.. You won because I ripped all the loser moves out of you in gin! ;)