Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Give Al A Seat!

Congrats to Jeciimd for taking down his SECOND seat last night in the BBT II: Australian Boogaloo TOC. Didn't he only make the cash once in the last one? And didn't anyone try and buy the seat off him HU?

Anyway, I looked back at Lucko's post re: Al getting a seat. And mine from a few days ago. It looks like the idea has the support of the following TOC players so far:

Fuel55 (I'll assume his vote for Al for President qualifies)

And on the Nays:


Asians with a fencepost up their ass:

RecessRampage :)

So that's 6 15 out of 27 players so far with an opinion. I know plenty of others who didn't make the TOC support it, but frankly, it isn't their equity on the line.



What say you? I think Al deserves an organizers exemption seat in this thing for everything he's done for it. Especially since there are 2 "free" seats thanks to XxMagicianxX and Jeciimd winning twice. I'm willing to give up the small amount of equity for it, but I don't think I can make this happen unilaterally.

*Update: Al has already said he won't take the spot. I'm still curious where the support lies though. Chad makes a perfectly reasonable point against it in the comments, I just disagree with him. Besides, if the support is overwhelming, then Al can always sit out... wouldn't that cause a ruckus.


Mike Maloney said...

I vote for Al to take your seat!

Nah, actually I'm in support of this idea too.

Chad C said...

Sorry, AL is a very nice guy, but I would hope that he would just shoot this idea down immediately? Do the KC Chiefs get a pass to the playoffs because their owner formed the NFL? I ran a $100 entry blogger fantasy football league, I bubbled the playoffs, should I have gotten a free pass to the playoffs? This is a league based on competition,and performance. Its not about holding hands and singing kum by yah together. He did an AWESOME job setting this up, and I am not trying to be a dick, surely he is a great guy, but in the spirit of competition I believe this could quite possibly have been the dumbest idea of all time :)

lucko said...

Mark whiski and lorretta as yes votes as well. I am 100% sure neither will have an issue with this.

Chad- this is a freeroll that Al got set up for us. It's not $100 league we all chipped in for with first being $18k package. If it were, I would agree with you. I think its different.

lucko said...

And Astin- did you really link your own blog on your blog? That's pretty ghey dude.

AlCantHang said...

While I appreciate the thought, there is zero chance I would take up the offer.

Wouldn't be fair to the players who earned their way.

I've already replied to several emails that if I couldn't win my way in that I will watch from the rails with the rest.

Good luck on Thursday.

(now if the TOC winner needed someone to hitch along to Aussie-land, now THAT I would go for)

Riggstad said...

I have spoke to Al and he says no...

But I don't really care much about what he thinks anyway. He should get it.

I have also put into works getting this done. Ultimately, I 'll respect Al's decision if he says no, but at least the opportunity will be there, if Full Tilt agrees

Astin said...

Lucko - totally right about it being ghey. I just grabbed from the list. I'll deghey it now.

Chad - I see your point, which is why I put it out there for the TOC entrants to see. I wasn't about to go with this on my own. But I agree with Lucko here.

Al - I had a feeling you'd say that anyway. Doesn't matter, I'll keep taking yea or nays and see how it lies.

Perticelli's Plunder said...

I think it vital to state the obvious and realistic, given the circumstances. No question Al should have a seat.
No question Al would decline.

However, regardless of that declination, we all know that any of us would love to have the chance and in our moments of privacy, would admit as much to ourselves. Think about it..what is Al supposed to say? I am in no way diminishing Al's character nor his ability to speak for himself, I am simply stating the unsolicited obvious..
What I'm saying in that is that he HAS to SAY no, even if he felt otherwise..and so would 99% of you.( I,of course, will represent the 1% and admit i'd say "FUCK YEAH").
So, in fairness to Al and the circumstances and all the yada yada, let us bestow one of the 3 open seats on Al, allow him to quietly and privately accept and then allow him to show up at gametime and give it a shot, without any issues of anything whatsoever..

Thx Al, you did an unbelievable job and you DESERVE to be sitting at the TOC. It has nothing to do w/ earning/playing/winning the seat from this perspective; you've done that in many other ways.

Thank you again from a very appreciative player/blogger/mafioso

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Astin, your link is hilarious. Holy cow... bloggers are on fire today with the humor aspect.

Oh and btw, I support the Al idea but I kinda agree with Chad. Basically, I don't care.

actyper said...

I agree with Chad on this, but on the other hand I wouldn't mind donating a % of me should I win this thing.

cmitch said...

I know that he has said that he wouldn't do it, but I think that he should get a seat in the TOC for running the event. It has to have taken a lot of time to not only set it up but deal with it weekly.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Your angry sucks.

Astin said...

Only when it's disingenuine Alan. My real angry (not just grumpy or tilted) is not a pretty sight. That's why I just keep pushing it down into a tight little ball deep inside where it will never ever hurt anyone ever.

VinNay said...

fuck yes. We should give Al a seat. No question, he is a true champion for setting this shit up.

I know he'll say no, but screw that, give him the seat anyhow.

VinNay said...

one more thing - since there are 2 empty seats - I think one should also go to the Rooster for the blogger tourney win in Vegas.

Shrike said...

I definitely don't agree with VinNay's last comment -- that's a radical post facto suggestion.

Rooster will just have to content himself with the nice score for the WPBT win.