Friday, December 14, 2007

Vegas Odds and Ends

A few things that I've remembered in the past few days:

- Waffles tells me on the way from the MGM to the IP that he's never seen a hooker in Vegas. I offer my consolation on his obvious blindness and attempt to start his education on spotting a pro. The IP is a good place to start. I hear that others completed it.

- I sat next to Otis for a bit at the Blogger tourney, and didn't say hi. I have no idea why, probably because I'm shy or something. I also had no idea Nickerson was there. There's two regrets that must be rectified in the future.

- Yes, I will get some food posts back up here. There's a bunch of pics in various places that should be posted.

- Tragedy mentioned the gas station issues on the way to the airport. I neglected to mention them earlier. As anyone knows, if you bring back a car without a full tank, you get nailed big time on the gas price (in this case: $6.99/gallon). I don't do the pre-payment, because that's a sucker's bet, especially if you know you won't drain the tank and roll it in empty. So with 10 minutes before return time, we go looking for the gas station I know we passed on the way out. It's quickly found and tank and hose are lined up. I pull out my trusty card and swipe it. "Please enter your zip code." What?? Umm... I don't HAVE a zip code. So I try the numeric equivalent of my postal code. No dice. A random zip code is no good because they're authorizing the card. Oh, if you're using a non-US card, please see attendant. Okay then, I'll go with the "pay inside option" instead. "Please wait for pump authorization"... wait.. wait.. 5 minutes before return time. Buzz the attendant, "Can I be authorized?" "You need to pre-pay inside." How the hell do you pre-pay a fill-up? By this point both my buddy and Tragedy (not that Tragedy isn't a bud) are out of the car to see what's up. Finally I pull out my debit card and hope that there isn't any retarded reason it won't be taken. Success! Gas goes in, and we're driving over the "severe tire damage" spikes (the non-damaging way) right on time.


Pauly said...

Nice seeing you again!

katitude said...

Yeah, Keith ran into the the same thing while paying for was good for at least a 20 minute rant on the plane.

Astin said...

Good to see you too Pauly.

Kat - isn't that retarded? I thought the whole reason credit card companies worked was because the companies looked for aberrant transactions, so verification at POS wasn't necessary.

Unknown said...


Heh, I knew you could tell that story better than I could!

post said...

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KajaPoker said...

Let everyone know I am putting a $20 bounty on twoblackaces if he is knocked out outside the top 6 in the Big Game.

Good Luck!