Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Let's call this an early New Year's Resolution. I'm going to redecorate my office.

I need to paint my solarium a new colour anyway, so why not two rooms? Plus I have to pull up the shitty carpets in my place.

Let's restart.

My solarium is marmalade or mandarin or something. It was a colour I was fine with on the paint chit when I moved in. It came out a bit more pastel than expected. I think it needs to become a green. Something that compliments the tuscan colours of the kitchen (olive walls, orange backsplash, yellow/orange floor tiles with some red in them), especially since the tiles continue into the solarium. So that needs to change.

The carpet in my office/2nd bedroom is... organic. It's a cheap carpet that was there when I moved in. Neutral. However there was a water leak from the upstairs unit 2 years ago that came into my place. No discernable damage, but in the winter, when the window gets closed, there is a definite organic smell from that part of the carpet. That would mean mold. Yum. Carpet needs to come up, and I'll carry through the parquet from the main room and hallways.

Then there's the same carpet in the master bedroom. It was fine, except it's now fallen victim to the cats. Stains, pulls (as it is a defacto scratching pad), etc... so it comes up.

Kitchen cupboards need to be replaced too. And my ensuite cupboard facings have been sitting in a closet for months. Those vertical blinds on all the windows need to go too.

So with all this on the horizon, I might as well redecorate the office, since it will be all reorganized anyway. When I first did it, it was painted to be a neutral second bedroom. Light grey-blue walls and ceilings. I like the bookshelves, and the desks are fine. The pullout couch is new and will stay as well.

So, that leaves paint, lights, and art. If I can get adequate lighting in, I think I'd like a more masculine colour in there. Either a brown or even a red. As for the "art"... I'm thinking at least one Leafs-related print, and maybe some Godard prints. I COULD go with some original oils/acrylics/etc... but that the kind of stuff that sometime in the future will be relegated to a basement, so the thousands of dollars spent would be a sunk cost. I spend most of my time in that room anyway (which is kind of sad), so I should tailor it to exactly what I want.


Unknown said...

Why does your office need help?

It must be bunnies!

Astin said...

Or maybe midgets.

Shrike said...

The Leafs suck.

The Canucks do not.

Enjoy your new office decor.

Chad C said...

Way too much talk of colors and decorating for a straight male!

Jordan said...

I think that Don and I would agree that Green + Orange is a good combination.

Astin said...

Shrike - Did I ever say the Leafs didn't suck? I'm still a fan.

Chad - Yah, but it's balanced by the copious amounts of gambling, booze, and hockey-related paraphernalia.

Jordan - hadn't thought of that... maybe I should go blue & white instead... :)