Saturday, December 22, 2007


Waking up after 3pm is a side-effect of staying out until 6am I guess.

Quick hands from Niagara before I run out to try and get some shopping done.

I get dealt The Hammer in MP after a couple limpers (common for the table). I can't resist and raise it to $16 (1/2 NL). One caller after me in position. Flop comes Axx, check-check. J on turn, checkcheck. Brick on the river and I bet out $20 into the $40 pot. Caller folds... I show to the awe of the table.

VERY next hand... oh you knew it was coming - AA. I raise to $16 again, get a different caller, and proceed to take a very nice pot ($140ish) when he calls me all the way down with TT on a board with two queens. I wonder why he didn't respect my bets? From this point on the table had absolutely no idea what I was playing.

As I said, I was hot. The details of the hands would sicken you I'm sure. AKd turns the flush, rivers the 4-flush, with a straight on the board. I was impressed by the laydown of the aggro guy I was heads-up with. AK against a friend flops two pair turns the Kings-full boat. 88 flops quads early on for a quick double-up after I trapped a pretty solid player into bluffing at the pot. Plenty of other straights, sets, and other fun.

I also had some solid reads on the competition. The pot where I called the guy who didn't have the four-flush with nothing more than a pair of sevens was good. The times I pushed off the lagtards with bottom pair or nothing at all were also enjoyable.

Plus a ton of hands that I took because the table was far too weak to stand up to my bets with air. I guess showing the above ones had them thinking I was some kind of luckbox. The 2 or 3 that I won blind were particularly fun.

Needless to say, a few players were happy to see me leave at 4am. I'll have to go back soon.

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katitude said...

LOL! Rockets after the Hammer...nice :-)