Monday, December 24, 2007

Lovin' It

While waiting for something to install on my machine, I fired up a 1/2 table on Full Tilt. 15 minutes later I left, up $350. It came almost entirely from two players. One who just couldn't let go of over overcards against me... TWICE. The other from a hand that went something like this:

I have suited connectors that I get in with cheap (limp or minraise). I flop middle pair with an inside-straight draw and 2 other players, in MP. I bet after EP checks. LP calls, EP min-raises. I call. Turn brings me the flush draw as well. EP bets around 1/4 of the pot and I call, LP folds. River brings me the flush and EP goes all-in for what amounts to around 60% of the pot. Naturally I call, and he mucks his flopped straight.

Typical slow-play to no-pay. It happens. He continues to stay in his seat, but doesn't buy back in. I play a couple more hands and then stand up before the BB hits me. I do, however, leave the table open. Almost as soon as I'm gone, buddy buys back in for half. Someone says, "that was a sick beat." He responds with, "I flopped it. Guy hangs around with nothing."

I chose not to tap on the glass.

Let's see: cheap flop. Checked to me with a pair and draw. Called, minraised. 4:1 odds to call. Turn gives me 14 outs (or so I thought. In reality it was 9 to win, and 2 to tie) , and I get better than 4:1 to see a river? Sure thing. River naturally played itself.

Shame it was so late, I would have stuck around if not for that pesky work thing.

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