Monday, December 31, 2007

The Countdown Is On

My place is clean. Okay, I need to clean the cat hair off the couch, and make some space on the counter to put the booze... but the big stuff is done.

I have everything I could possibly need for eating and drinking on hand. It just needs to be cut, mixed, spread, or baked. In the case of drinking - opened or mixed. Or both. Beer's in the fridge.

Videos are converted and my Archos (bite me Apple and your iTouch) is hooked up to the TV. Music is on shuffle.

Decorations are bought and some are even hung. Did I mention the theme is "Tackiest New Year's Ever"?

Even my outfit (which is ironically awesome) is ready.

4 people have dropped out of coming. Dang.

Wait, the only 2 non-drinkers who were attending are in that group. Punch is spiked and nog is loaded. No need for non-alcoholic champagne now either.

I think I'm ready for the party... and with luck will have 3 hours to put the finishing touches in place.

Should be good times.

Whatever you're doing tonight, wherever you're doing it, whomever you're doing it with - have a Happy New Year!

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