Thursday, January 03, 2008

Big Ears and Strange Days

So 2007 is in the books. Good. It wasn't the greatest of all years. It had its hilights, lowlights, and was generally a "meh" year.

Now it's 2008. Sweeeeet.

The New Year's party went great. Solid turnout, apparently much fun had by all. It must have been good, because I don't actually recall the details of any one conversation, yet I'm relatively sure I mingled with everyone. Old friends, new friends, and friends unseen in a while, all partaking in the sweet, sweet, libations offered. Even the egg nog got rave reviews. It's always good when someone wants the recipe. If only it was mine, and not Alton Brown's. Can't beat fresh nutmeg and good bourbon though.

You know it's been a good party when people are staying past the time the last subway leaves. Which on New Year's Eve was 4am.

Another solid sign is when you still have a guest midway through January 2nd. Enough about that. Hey, Jules got married on New Year's Eve! Congrats!

In other news - science still sucks, but is now off the "dead to me list" and just the "on notice" one. It could find its way back there by February though.

Now I just have to actually clean my place. Strangely enough, those dishes refuse to clean themselves, the cooler isn't putting the beer back where it belongs, and the cats aren't tidying up the detritus still kicking around. At least it's tidy.

Hey, how about a quick 2007 in review?

I went to Israel in February, and had much fun. Eh-Vegas also went and happened during the month - it was cold, the turnout was small, but it was nothing but fun. This year's looks bigger, better, and colder already. March started a subplot that would haunt me up until the 1st day of 2008. Went to BC in April for the funeral of the last of my grandparents. I also met Fuel and Schaubs while there and sucked large at the River Rock. In between I puttered around the Queen Charlotte Islands, which have a natural beauty and the ghosts of civilizations not too long gone. June was my first Vegas blogger gathering, which I attended solo and left with new friends. In August came a trip to Iceland, which I believe has a patent on beautiful scenery. I turned 30 in September and celebrated on a boat with a copious amount of alcohol and a copious amount of friends. October and November flew by in anticipation of my second Vegas gathering in December. This time I brought friends, and decided that for blogger gatherings, I'd rather go solo - one needs to focus on the goal, not split their attention 2 or 3 ways. Next time I'm either alone, or bringing only poker players. Christmas was peaceful and New Year's was awesome.

Through it all I played more poker than I ever have before, despite inexplicably losing Neteller as a deposit option (it's not inexplicable - they're scared pansy-asses). I put Hoy on tilt during the first BBT with my luckboxing, and between Bayne and myself a new term was created. I think I had the 2nd best PPG average behind the confused frog in there. Having us next to one another at the Blogger Tourney in December was enough to scare Don so much that he threw bottles at waitresses. That didn't stop him from outlasting us both by a long shot. The cards kept coming all year long, but beneath it I know I improved my game tremendously from the previous year. There's still a lot of growth to be made, but I'll get there in my own time. BBT II: Australian Boogaloo was a blast, even with its associated drama, and taking down the last Big Game could be the hilight of my year poker-wise. Yes, I'm aware how sad that sounds, but getting the final TOC seat was sweet. Also, turning a profit in both the BBTs is nice. I expect the cards to abandon me for a while now, but they'll be back soon.

There was some cooking done over 2007 as well. I imagine there could be more to come.

Resolutions for 2008? Eh. Work harder, sleep more, eat better, get back in shape, stop life from getting me down, finish renovating my damned condo, get to Vegas at least twice more, go someplace hot with a beach, and keep hitting the felt with regularity... which reminds me... eat more fibre. What? I can't finish with a poop joke?


Alyce said...

I feel the need to play some Akinyele now...

I'll refrain from saying which one.

Jules said...

Thanks, forget my name for Sunday/Monday so I stand a minor chance of not looking like an idiot in my only Aussie Millions appearance!

Happy New Year