Friday, January 04, 2008


Well, I got more sleep than usual last night. Still not enough though.

Oddly, I also played an SnG or two... wonder if they're related. I love me the 1-table turbos.

How'd the Riverchasers go?

Waffles has been on a TEAR of late... angry post-wise. Well done sir.

Does anybody else write these things exculsively in the HTML editor tab?

These Charles Schwab commercials annoy me. Why the hell are they rotoscoped? What possible purpose does that serve in providing a marketing advantage? It reeks of someone at their advertising firm really wanting to do a rotoscoped commerical and shoehorning it in with them. Are all marketing drones brain-dead morons? Wait... that's a rhetorical question isn't it?

So, my Yankee readers, who do you want to see in the next election? Me? I'd love to see McCain vs Obama. Although that might make the red states implode. Although I do love that Huckabee had Chuck Norris commercials. Please, please, PLEASE don't let it be Clinton vs Giuliani. She's terrible, and reminds me of when we got Kim Campbell as our Prime Minister for 6 months. What a disaster that was, solely because the push was on to have the first female leader. Ugh. And Rudy's an impish tool.

Although my personal favourite would have been if Gore ran and won, and then made Bill Clinton his VP.

Get the feeling I'm rambling? Hence the tag.

Rapid poker strategy time! 100-chip superturbo satellite! Yah, I'm sure Hoy's still got one brewing. Any ace is gold against 1 or 2 all-ins. Everybody's range is ultra-wide, and if you can double or triple up early, your range becomes wider. These things are over in 5-15 minutes, so you don't have time to wait for premium hands. That said, if someone's been folding and suddenly pushes, maybe your T6o isn't good. Then again, you've got 400 chips and they have 100, so you can lose and be fine. If you're playing the 1-spot version, then I'd say pull out SAGE for heads-up play, because actual HU strategy could be ugly here, and SAGE takes away the thinking. 2-spotting means you have a legitimate bubble you can exploit. I'd offer that a little ICM could go a long way in this instance. The prize-to-chips ratio is huge, and the small chipstacks and nature of the game would seem to eliminate any real skill advantage. Plus, the calculations for a "top 2 get the same prize, 3rd gets nothing" ICM are relatively easy compared to a tiered 3-spot payout bubble in a standard SnG.

Shhh. Don't tell anyone I actually know anything. It'll ruin the luckbox image. Look! Horseshoe!

Donkament is tonight. Not sure if I'll be there or not. I'm distracted these days.

Busy weekend. Hangin' with a friend tomorrow, and the Raptors game on Sunday that will likely be preceeded by brunch and followed by squash or Guitar Hero. Tonight? Finish cleanup and maybe a wee bit of laundry. I need a break. That may explain a couple things.

Anyone else sick? Two friends at the party were, another friend is now, a co-worker is fighting to not be sick. Something's going around it seems. I REALLY don't want to be sick this month. It can wait until February.

Maybe I'll go sit in the sauna... I have never used it in the 3 years it has been available to me.

Ok, finished now.

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