Monday, January 21, 2008

Back to Even

Hmm.. I believe BamBam owes me my $10 back. Told you that Giants wouldn't be beat by the weather. They're just too big. 2-for-2, as predicted. Seeing Waffles go with the opposite of my picks practically guaranteed it.

Some kind of Bowl game coming up I hear. Pats vs Giants in Arizona? I think I'll need to ponder on this before putting up my pick.

I completely missed The Big Game yesterday, despite buying-in (well, tokening in). I have no regrets about it. I hope my donation was appreciated. Obviously, I missed the Skill Game as well.

MATH tonight. I may be there, I may not. Who knows? The Shadow perhaps.

Well, that was thoroughly uninteresting.


BWoP said...

You are the Vinny Vinh of blogger world. Final two tables. Won some sick all-ins, even.

Astin said...

Heh, I was curious how I fared on my sitout to 12th place. Just like Vinny, without the drug habit or winnings.

BamBam said...

Signed, sealed and hopefully delivered?

There goes the nice bottle of wine for EH-Vegas !

Thanks for the fun!