Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Leafs Redux

At the end of last night's 5-4 win over the Hurricanes, some fans started cheering "Hire Fletcher!"

See, The Leafs suck. The barely beat another struggling team last night, and it was their first regulation win since December 14th. They need to win twice as many games as lose the rest of the seaon to JUST MISS the playoffs. Let's say they have to win 26 or so of the next 36 games to maybe make them. And it's not hard to make the playoffs in the NHL.

So finally it seems that MAYBE the anger that kept getting subdued every time the Leafs won a few games has built into a tidal wave that can't be ignored. The fans, the media, and even the rest of the league is calling for an overhaul of the team. Drop Ferguson as GM, dump Peddie out of his executive seat, and maybe even keelhaul Maurice (although personally, I'd give him the rest of the season and see how they do with new management). The leading candidate at the moment seems to be Cliff Fletcher. He lead the renaissance of the Leafs in the early 90's with some bold trades. He also started their downfall by the late 90's. That said, he's good for the interim. Can we just end this now? Make the damn move and end the pain.

I hate leadership by committee.

Alternately, since a blind, brain-damaged monkey would be a better trader, deal-maker, negotiator, and evaluator of talent than Ferguson, I suggest the local medical labs be checked for a replacement as well.


Schaubs said...

Bring back Quinn!

Not that hard to make the playoffs in the NHL? Are you serious?

Have you seen the parity in the West?

The Leafs CAN be good, if they start completely over... Look at the Blackhawks one year later.

Trade Sundin to the Canucks already!

Astin said...

Quinn's talents lie in coaching more than managing.

16 of 30 teams make the playoffs. Sneaking in means you suck the least. Have you seen the East?

Of course the Leafs CAN be good, any team CAN be good. It would help if it wasn't ownership-by-committee, and if anyone in the head office knew a damned thing about the game. In this case, you need to chop of the head and work from there. Hawks are in 13th place and have 4 more points than the Leafs. Stellar job on their part.

I'll gladly trade Sundin anywhere... for the right mix of youth and draft picks. It's been said that Toronto won't tolerate a "rebuilding period." I think that's bs. We'd welcome some sort of actual direction.