Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Midnight Boredom

4 left... 4-way chop for $150 each. Goodnight Gracie.

See what happens when people get bored and just pass blinds and antes around? I bet Hoy wasn't expecting THAT for the first MATH of the year! Not bad for an $8.70 investment.

246 hands.
13 pocket pairs.
KK once
QQ once (which I was sitting out for)
JJ twice
TT twice
99 3 times

AK 4 times.

So 5% pocket pairs. 7% PP or AK.

AQ - twice
Jackace - 3x
KQ once
KJ once
QJ 4x

11% PP, Ace-face, or paint. Pretty much statistically in-line, no? Actually, a little low... and I folded a lot of those preflop.

Two hands of note - a 99 preflop and top 2 pair on the turn of a straight board that I folded. Two all-ins before make neither of those appealing. However I was way ahead both times and would have had a DOMINATING chip lead. Man, decision-based poker sucks.

G'nite all.

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