Monday, January 07, 2008

2008: The Year Everyone Changed

I have yet to run into a single person who has called 2007 a great year. The general feeling is that it was, at best, "okay."

2008 is starting off with more introspection and reflection than I think I've seen in my short time on this planet. CK has rediscovered herself, Pauly is questioning if this whole poker thing has run its course for him, Kat's got the "whatevers", Tragedy is on hiatus for a couple more days after hitting a rough spot whilst turning the calendar page it seems. I'm sure there are others out there too, but the blogroll's been slow to post during the holidays.

Even the poker's changing. The MATH has a new format, the Skill Series is starting strong, and Riverchasers is mixing it up every 2nd week. Change is good. 2007 was a year of stagnation, here's hoping 2008 is a year of rebirth.

I can't say I'm immune to this either. 2007 was "meh" at best. I think my mantra for the whole year was "I need vacation." The feeling's still there. I find myself looking at Kat, Don, Pauly, Iggy, and others who at one point or another left their daily grind because it didn't suit them and moved onto something they enjoyed. I look at Tragedy who has given up a lot to pursue a vocation he loves, even if it keeps screwing him over in those annoying ways that work does. I have friends moving to Germany, Switzerland, and LA to pursue jobs that interest them. I envy them all.

So, what does 2008 hold? No idea. I'm not planning on up and leaving my job, because it pays far too well and allows me to enjoy the rest of my life. I do have to focus on it and find how to make it work for me though. Plus, I lack any sort of wanderlust. As conceited as it sounds, I've been called the brightest guy in the room more than once there, but I completely fail to live up to my potential. That NEEDS to change, or the decision will be made for me.

I've spoken with my best friend about this in the past, and the decision that was reached was that I should pursue some things I do love in my spare time. I need to sign up for some cooking classes, maybe some photography ones too. I once toyed with the idea of getting an English degree just for the hell of it... but that's a few years off at least. It's been said, that if you find a job doing what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. I plan to keep working, but using the gains from that to do what I love.

But before any of that, I need to work on my biggest hurdle - my laziness. I am, bar none, one of the laziest, least ambitious people you could meet. At least when it comes to me. I'll help a friend prepare for a party I'm not even going to. I'll move people 5 times without asking for anything in return. I'll go to the ends of the Earth to help out someone else. I'll drop what I'm doing to run an errand for a sick friend. For myself? If it's not easy to do, it'll take me forever to get around to it. So I need to get the ball rolling and make the necessary strides to meet my goals. Wish me luck.


Mike Maloney said...

Well...I thought 2007 was a great year even if no one else did.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Of course you do Mike... you got married!

But, I also thought 2007 was a great year.

Quick list of why I loved 2007
- discovered poker blogs
- said poker blogs improved my game
- made great profit (great for me) in poker
- met bloggers
- separated with my wife (though that's a negative in terms of marriage, ending also signifies a new beginning)
- partied hard with my old friends in japan

So, that's a quick hit list that I can think of... and yes, I tend to be positive and upbeat about most things...

meanhappyguy said...

2007 was a great year! Worked part-time for seven months out of the year, got to live in Tahoe, bought a motorcycle! I probably won't ever have another year like it, cheers to 2007!

Astin said...

There we go, some upbeat responses. I'm glad 2007 was great for some people. Lots of uncertainty out there.

I was beginning to think it would be like Star Trek movies. Even numbers = good, odd numbers = bad.

Anonymous said...

Good post.

There is nothing wrong with being lazy if you except it and are okay with it.

Here's to great in '08.

BamBam said...

"The Wife," met Otis, Otis met me, I met Maudie, Maudie met Pebbles, Pebbles met you, you met Kat, Kat met Carson, Carson met PokerTart, Pokertart asked if I met Recess, Alan sat beside Pauly, who is now in Australia where Kevin Bacon is filming his new flick.

That's like 10 degrees or something ! (which it also happens to be in C here on January 8th.)

I'd say 2007 led into a perfect 2008. Glass 1/2 full !