Friday, January 11, 2008

The Ballet

Alan asked a question re: Toronto's... entertainment during Eh-Vegas. Anyone offended by the idea of a strip club should just skip the rest.

Things to note before I write any more:

- The smallest bill we have here is $5. Dancers don't take kindly to coins being held out for them.
- A private dance generally runs $20 per song. If you make the effort, you can probably swing a bulk deal.
- Toronto = fully nude + booze.
- Buy in bottles only. I think this holds true for clubs the world over.
- This ain't Vegas. Last call is 2am.

Okay. So are there numerous strip clubs in and around the city. Or as they're more affectionately called... the ballet.

From best to worst that are actually IN Toronto:

The Upper Brass (upstairs Brass Rail - $20 cover)
The Brass Rail
For Your Eyes Only (upstairs = $20)

They really drop off after For Your Eyes Only, with the bottom two being best avoided, for both neighbourhood and quality. There could be a few more in there that I've overlooked.

About 15-20 min west of downtown, you'll find The House of Lancaster, which is dated, but decent.

Once you get to Mississauga you've got The Landing Strip (by the airport naturally), and others.

Then comes the best in the area, which is in Concorde, about 30min by car out of downtown - Whisky A Go-Go's. Busy, fun, more.. discerning hiring practices, features, etc.. The first rule of Whisky is if a woman comes on stage she has to show the goods. So there's even a bit of amateur action happening. The downside being that it IS a drive away... and there's a $5 cover.

A lest we forget Niagara Falls and the Sundowner (and others, but really, the Sundowner has the rep).

There lies about all the info I can provide.

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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Hmmmm... so far, it's only vegas where the strip clubs stay open all night... bummer.