Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Inaccurate Time Estimation

So I played in the Tuckfard game last night and took 2nd. I suppose I didn't have to push my AK with the A on the turn that filled in the flush draw for my opponent, but at that point I really wanted to get onto other things before the MATH.

I then went and started making something. I figured the 45 min I had would be plenty. Turns out I misjudged by about 40 minutes. This resulted in me being late for the regular Monday fun. I found AK right after I sat down, raised, and then had Ms Aggro push for her 7k stack. I almost called off right there, but decided it would suck to only play one hand. This was a bad choice by me I think, as LJ showed that she was pushing with ATC all night long later on when she tried to steal my BB with a push for the umpteenth time with J7o and I had pocket eights. I'll keep it in mind for later.

Anyway, if I HAD been around for those 40 minutes, I would have been dominating the game. I checked my hand history, and (remember, first 40min) had AA, KK, AKs, AKo, QQ, a flopped set on a great setup board, at least 6 other pocket pairs, a couple flopped nut flush & straight draws, and about a 5 other very playable preflop cards. Ah well. The trials of a luckbox who isn't around to play his cards.

Skill Series continues tonight. I shall maintain my streak of not being there to play. Expect me to be playing with a vengeance starting with the Mookie tomorrow though.


The Freedom of Information act is fun. These guys have assembled a bunch of complaints to the FCC about various shows. The Daily Show, The Simpsons, South Park, etc. are among them. There's some great reading in there. ALL CAPS COMPLAINTS, lines like "I'm obviously not a homophobe" just before launching into an attack against the "gay agenda", complaints about false advertising, a 50 year-old who is offended by some TV shows and wants them taken off so he doesn't have to see them, etc.. Brilliant. I could spend all day reading these. I should probably get back to work though.


lj said...

ms. aggro - i like it!

Alyce said...

What could you possibly have to do that beats your love of poker?

emptyman said...

Awesome find from the "can't make this s**t up" file. Now I have something to read while folding!