Wednesday, January 09, 2008

You Keep Pulling Me Back

I think I'm a little burnt out on the poker front, at least online. Last night was the typical situation of late. I fired up a couple SnG's, and then did something else while playing them. I loaded up the Skill Game despite having more important things (read: chores) to do, and then kept wavering between trying to go out and trying to stay alive. The former finally won out. BTW - AAxx 3 or 4 times in the first hour, but that's not so impressive from an Omaha standpoint, is it?

Anyway, The Mookie is tonight, and I have very little desire to play it. I'm tired, have a copy of Eastern Promises I want to watch, might go play live at the club with Kat, and all of that could be trumped by a last-minute cancellation anyway.

What I DO want though, is to fire up TrageDon radio (or whatever they want to call it). That means I have to be home and by the computer during The Mook. Which means I might as well play in The Mook. Damn you!!

Assuming I have the night free, I think I'll go play live. If I'm done pre-Mook, I'll be playing. If not, I'll be railing. The movie will have to wait until tomorrow.


Oh, BamBam? It's on. The Hawks will shit all over your fudgepackers. Wisconsin, is that even a real state?


Large pinch of saffron
2 dried red chili peppers
Szechuan Pepper
Grains of Paradise
Alderwood Smoked Salt
Ground Lemongrass

(I told you I got some interesting spices at Christmas)

Put 'em all in a mortar and pestle and crush. Toss a boneless, skinless chicken breast in olive oil and then toss with the ground mixture. Heat oil and butter in a cast iron skillet on medium and fry up the chicken until a brown crust forms.

Serve with fried and drained potatoes (smoked paprika, garlic, sliced onion, chili powder, cayenne pepper, salt and fresh ground pepper), and steamed beans. Yum.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Looking forward to seeing you tonight in the Mook, Astin. I for one do not find any blonkament to be quite the same without you there. Just the threat of your possible holecards in any hand you're betting at is worth the price of admission.

Astin said...

Sorry to disappoint. As is tradition, I got knocked out of the live tournament 2 minutes before the Mookie started. Not quite enough time to get home and sign up.

Next time.