Monday, January 14, 2008


Okay, so I went 2/4 (and would have gone 4/4 if I'd realized it was snowing, and thought for a second about the fact that horses are afraid of lightning), and now there's only 2 games, so I'll probably be perfect this week.

San Diego @ New England

Have to go with the Pats again here. Why? Well as we all know, Benjamin Franklin harnessed electricity in a lightning storm with a kite and a key. I think it would be safe to say that Benny was a Patriot. He was probably also from New England, but I'm too lazy to look that up. Benjamin Franklin > Anything that ever came from San Diego. Patriots win, because even if they get struck by the Chargers, they'll just harness that into more power.

New York vs Green Bay

So I misread the augury and neglected to take into account the fact no bird from Seattle would have a clue what to do in a Green Bay snowstorm. My bad. I apologize to anyone who lost their car/house/children going with that pick. But this one is a no-brainer. A team of Giants can beat a team of Packers easily. I don't care how much you buff up packing things all day, or how much cold your field gets, or how much cheese you can eat - freakin' Giants, OKAY? Okay, maybe if it's REALLY cold and the giants don't have warm clothes. Or if the Packers use their sausage casings to create rudimentary slings and fire frozen steaks at the Giants' heads. But that's it! Giants win.

Looks like Brady vs Manning will come a round later than expected. Right, wrong Manning, whatever. Like I care.


How was your weekend? Mine was busy with many friends, and ended on a mildly disappointing note. Not horrible, not devestating... just mildly disappointing. If anyone has Timing's address, can you pass it along so I can drive over and throw a brick in his window? Me and Timing aren't on speaking terms these days. Although it's not entirely his fault, I'll still blame it on that anthropomorphised concept. The rest of the day was awesome though.

I also blame science and Switzerland. Just for completion's sake.

Saturday was great - hung out with my best friend all day (although it started with an unnecessary drive to look for furniture that ended up being far too costly), who cooked me an awesome dinner of unique tastes that all worked quite well together.

Steak with a bourbon-bacon sauce, pearl onions gratin, and a mashed potato-turnip-pear melange that was sweet, light, and tasty. A great ni├žoise-esque salad on the side, and a very nice 8 year-old Barolo capped it off. Dessert was a raspberry and sour cream pie from a local shoppe that was tasty, if a bit tart. Oh sweet baby jeebus is that a terrible pun. I totally didn't mean to use it. But I'm keeping it, so there.

Which reminds me that I was invited to another friend's place tonight for some slow-cooked roast. I love my friends, especially those that feed me :).


Poker? Didn't play a lick all weekend. I logged on to Full Tilt once to transfer BamBam his $10, that's it. I don't think I played on Thursday either. No wait, that's a lie. I played 5 minutes of $1/2 NLHE while waiting for a buddy to show up. Won me $7, which almost paid for my pizza. So that should mean I'll be ready to get crazy-go-nuts on the MATH tonight. I mean, if I can't take the early lead in the yearly leaderboard, who can? Be there, or suffer the scorn and ridcule of your peers for at least a week.


lj said...

did you watch connor chronicles? i forgot to blog about it, but thought it was off to an awesome start. reminded me a lot of bsg -- it's been so long since i've seen the terminator movies that i never picked up on all the similarities.

Astin said...

Nope, watched Simpsons and Family Guy instead. I was outvoted. I'll likely catch it something this week though.

Unknown said...

In the interests of tact, I'll just..



Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with your picks for this weekend... just don't tell Bam Bam.