Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Decisions Being Made For Me

Maybe I should talk to Kat about this first. After all, she is the organizer of Eh-Vegas.

Okay, talked to Kat.

Let's see. BamBam expresses an interest in perhaps a meal by yours truly. With BamBam comes Pebbles, and I'd imagine the rest of the TuckFards. Al is pretty certain he'll be making it up, but "lock it in" if I'm doing a prime rib. Where goes Al, so goes Riggstad, or something. I know LJ and CK have both drunkenly said they're coming (but I won't hold them to it), and I imagine the promise of food would add further enticement. Irongirl and Kat have both threatened to randomly show up one day and demand food. And if Joanne is really coming, how could I possibly not have her over for dinner?

So I guess I'm cooking. IF it fits in the schedule. If we're going to the club, then it's ideal. If we're doing a home game... well it depends where that will happen. I lack the necessary table and chair numbers to host anything larger than a single table game. I suppose if people wanted to bring extra seating equipment, then I could accommodate. Haven't picked which night yet.

Anyway, here's my tentative menu, just to add further incentive. I can't really think of a different option with the potential numbers:

Butternut Squash and Roasted Garlic Bisque
Garlic Bread

Roast Elk (if not available, or prohibitively expensive, the alternate is prime rib)
Roast Vegetables
Mashed Potatoes

Creme Brulee Ice Cream

Everything homemade of course. Except maybe the bread... we'll see.

As for drinks... the list of what's in my fridge is always to the left. Toss in a hard liquor collection that puts most bars to shame and worries my friends (I tell them that as long as the bottles are full, I'm not an alcoholic), an ever-growing and improving wine selection, and of course a bunch of non-alcoholic options, and I think that's covered. I suppose this bottle could be opened:

So who's interested?


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I'm actually interested. But what I want to know is are there good strip clubs in Toronto?

Astin said...

I'll put up a post later. The comment would be too long.

Short answer: yes.

Instant Tragedy said...


Get I get a doggie bag?


You are a talented man Astin my friend.

And as for making you click...

Stop your bitchin Robyn.



BamBam said...

Now this... THIS was a post!
Great job sir !

Two Bam-Bam mentions = atta-boy!
One Elk = Originality bonus points
A lot of booze = Al interest points

All in all, I give this post a solid 9/10.

Hawks / Pack it is then. TYVM

I will hold any and all snide remarks until after the game.

katitude said...

I'll make the bread :-)

Alyce said...

Where's the dinner for the non-poker players?

Anonymous said...

What a meal!!!!

I hope Kat finds a way to fit this in.

pokertart said...

You had be at the soup.

The creme brulee ice cream sealed the deal.

Joanne1111 said...

Yes, Joanne really will be there.

And dinner on top of everything else? Amazing.

Just. Can't. Wait.