Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Random Stuff

All courtesy of Boing Boing.

Ok, so the technology is actually fairly basic persistence-of-vision stuff with LEDs and some software, but the video is PURE GOLD.


I put up a link to a Rolling Stone article about the death of good music last week. Here is Clive Thompson's response. Personally I love his attack on Audiophiles.

Really, who the hell needs to drop 325k on speakers? Especially ugly ones. I spent less than that on my condo. I guess the same people that drop $7000 on cables.


Hello Darwin candidates.


Here, do some thinking: The Physical World as a Virtual Reality. It starts with preschool explanations of Relativity and Quantum Physics and goes from there. Think The Matrix on a larger scale. Not really a new idea, just altered for a more modern (yet still dated) context. I expect that potheads the world over have already thought of this. It makes for an interesting read from a basic, accessible physics level... not necessarily from an English one.

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Riggstad said...

Gold! I just had to put the video up on the RPT site and gave you a link for credit...

See you in Eh Vegas with Al tagging along. I mean I'll be tagging along with Al :)