Monday, January 28, 2008

I Should Start Caring

One big hole in the "poker is a hobby" aspect of things is that I occasionally play without giving a damn. Usually it's out of boredom, or to distract myself from something I don't want to deal with, or in avoidance of chores. On a good day, I'm smart enough to drop my buy-in from its normal lofty heights so that my inevitable losses are minimized.

Last night wasn't one of those days. I had a couple hours to kill between helping someone move and heading over to my folks' for dinner (mom & dad's ribs = just about my favourite meal on the planet). So I fired up a $22 turbo to keep myself awake (about 4 hours of not-exactly-restful sleep the night before). I also opened up a browser, turned on the TV, and thought about other things while doing this. Needless to say, I didn't do well. Falling asleep partway through was likely unhelpful as well. So what do you do? Open up another! That was a disaster as well, with me sleeping through half the hands. Oddly, I think I went out in 4th in both.

So I get to my folks, enjoy dinner, and open up my old Stars client on their machine as I set some stuff up. $50NL cash game (which is a cut in buy-in at least)... up, down, up, waaay down. Maybe having Solitaire and a Pop Cap game going hurt me there.

On the one side, it's a good thing I play only low limits, so losses usually work out to less than what I spent on booze the night before. On the other, I don't like throwing away any money, and that's essentially what I did... and will continue to do from time-to-time.

Anyway. How was your weekend? Mine was fun. It was one of those weekends where Saturday started off with the joy of knowing it was still only Saturday. This is opposed to the ones where you're halfway through Sunday and realize you have to go to work the next day and wonder what happened to your weekend. It was packed.

Tonight... well tonight is the MATH of course. Oh, and laundry. Exciting, non? I think I'll try and focus and care about the game tonight. I'd like my moneyboard position to improve. If I'm feeling particularly saucy, maybe I'll revisit my old friend the 50-50 as well. Although I could probably use sleep.

**ADDENDUM: Saturdays with Dr. Pauly are BACK! PLO on Saturday the 2nd @ 4:20pm on Stars. $10!

I won't be there this week. Dang.

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