Thursday, January 31, 2008

Poker as Just Something to Do

Played a fair bit of poker yesterday. Didn't win much. A couple SnG's that I only peripherally cared about and bubbled in, the $2 rebuy sat to the 50-50 (got the entry, cost me $26 I think), the 50-50 (out 699th on some dumb move no doubt), and The Mookie (out middlish, when I raised with KQs, was re-raised, and decided to push despite my stack not being dangerously low.. ran into QQ. I almost had the flush). Earlier in the Mook I donated a bit back to LJ after a good comeback when I hit "call" with T8s to her all-in (she had presto). I was on the phone at the time (and playing gin, and I think had 3 chat windows open) and as soon as I hit the button I said, "Why the HELL did I do that?" I was actually happy to see it was more of a race than I thought. At some point my brain just said "why not just play randomly?" I frequently caught myself making horrible decisions, stupid calls, and idiotic raises. I treated the 50-50 like a turbo SnG, and the Mookie kept fluctuating from wanting to play and wanting to do something else. Then again, all of it was for distraction.

How come I take a day off and everyone's posting a ton? It's like I missed a week. Iggy's got a ton of mini-posts up, Hoy's got his usual daily wordfests up, Al pops up with 1000 and 1001, etc, etc... I'm SUPPOSED to be doing work here people. Actually, I wish yesterday had lasted a week instead of the too-short hours that it did.

Anyway, I expect I'll be donking it up in the Riverchasers tonight, and likely Kat's donkament tomorrow as well. Look for me throwing away money at a cash table and some SnG's too. Okay, I won't be THROWING away money, but I'll probably find myself fighting the urge to stop caring and lose focus. If that happens, maybe I'll force myself to walk away for a few minutes. Or maybe I'll find a charity to donate the equivalent of my losses to... that'd be good for karma. Just donated to one now... if I stay away from cash, it should cover me for the night.

Or I'll just catch up on my collection of DVDs that I've never watched. I think I really need to sit my ass down for a whole weekend week month to watch movies and read books that have been gathering dust for years. Maybe play some of those games I've got lying around too.

Methinks I'll have to cook something up tonight. The PB & J I had for dinner last night didn't exactly quell my culinary urges -- and those are far better for my mood than poker. The creme brulee ice cream (too lazy to properly accent) the day before and the pancakes yesterday morning helped though. Chicken or steak? Steak and freezer fries. Veggies... hmm... would going slightly asian be weird? Snow peas, water chestnuts, carrots, and garlic all stir fried in sesame oil with a bit of teriyaki or soy? Yah, that's exactly what I want. Lots of smokey flavour for the steak. Smoked paprika, smokey mustard, smoked salt, chipotle tabasco, coarse black pepper and garlic. Aw yeah.

Eh-Vegas is just over 3 weeks away. Have you made your plans yet?

Let's toss in my Superbowl pick here as well, since this post has already taken 4 1/2 hours to get out.

Patriots vs Giants in Arizona

This is a tough matchup. I mean, Giants are tough to beat, due to being so freakin' huge. But Patriots have guns. If properly co-ordinated, a group of patriots should be able to beat a group of giants. If, however, their best shot is in some way hurt, it could affect their ability to get the job done. The game's in Arizona, so weather shouldn't be a factor, although patriots might feel a bit out-of-place in the southern states. I'd have to say that in the end, barring some sort of extenuating circumstances (ie.- a bum foot, or a bum shoulder being disguised as a bum foot), the Pats win. It'll start off pretty even, but after a few giants are taken down by gunpowder-propelled steel balls, the momentum will swing strongly in New England's favour.

Ok, let's get this sucker posted already.


lj said...

pb&j? you're slumming!

b/w the T8 v. 55 and QJ v. 56 i think we evened it out...hope to see you on my left again sometime soon!

Alyce said...

They have to win, because if not, I will take their guns and shoot them.

However, it'd be more fun if it was like that time so many years ago, when a certain dude had to eat his words that the Pats would never win...