Friday, February 01, 2008

Timing Finally Comes Around

Perhaps a little too late, but the coincidence is still pretty stunning, and it made my day. Somehow, as soon as I ran into the friend I hadn't seen in almost two months, I knew he was meant to slow me down just enough for things to work the way they did. Confused yet? Too bad. Just follow where the universe leads you, you'll be fine.

It's snowing here. I'm a little tired of the hyperbole though. We're looking at 25cm (or about 10" for those too dumb to figure out metric) by this evening. This isn't THE STORM OF THE CENTURY! No need to call in the army. The east coast gets FEET of snow. Buffalo gets snowed in what, 12 times a year? (But then it catches on fire so it all melts). Less than a foot isn't panic time.

But schools are closed, busses aren't running, people are being told to stay home if they can (my office is full), and I believe I saw some dogs and cats living together.

Now traffic is naturally a problem. That's a given even if there's only 5cm of snow. I imagine the airport won't be a fun place to be today, but they'll try their best to get the planes out I'm sure. I should have taken a picture yesterday though. Not the slightest bit of white on the streets or sidewalks... today? A winter wonderland of dirty snow, sliding cars, and bundled up pedestrians. I was impressed by the mobilization efforts of the snow crews last night. Every truck ready to go, 1700 workers primed and rested. Let's see if Toronto gets it right this time.


"Played" in the Riverchasers last night. I sat out 1.5 hours, played for 5 min, and ran my Jackace into Lightning's QQ. Whoops. Prior to that I tried checkraising him, only to being chased out be his push. No respect I tells ya. :)

Jumped in a few SnG's, took 3rd in one, and 4th in the other two. I slept the most during the one I cashed in. Yay me.

Kat's Donkament tonight. It's not like I'm going anywhere in this weather. I think I might fire up a few other big MTTs too. 50-50, 28k, why not? Other than the fact it's terrible to play serious games while simultaneously firing away at a $1 rebuy.


Oh, and LJ - nope.


Alyce said...

With all of this snow, I imagine that you'll be holed up with a big pot of tea, eh?

Astin said...

I'd certainly enjoy at least a hot cup of tea, as tea is certainly delicious.

Alyce said...

It's a lucky man who can have his choice between a fresh cup of tea and a tea bag from the shelf.

lj said...

it took me close to five minutes to figure out that you were answering my email. lol.

BamBam said...

With "The Quarry" basically being right beside Pearson Airport, I can't halp but laugh at the reaction to the snow.

You know that Bedrock is about 1 hour North, and I am certainly in the office today. There should be 32 workers on the floor on our dayshift and I have 19 present and accounted for.

Of the 13 that just couldn't get in "due to the terrible conditions," the average distance that they live from work...

9 blocks.

Who's going to call in the National Gaurd?

NoooooooooBody.... heh