Friday, February 29, 2008

Big Tilt Upgrade

Mookie's got a list of the changes with the latest Full Tilt client update.

On top of that, a $100 bonus went out yesterday as an apology for all the outages last week. I didn't encounter any, but I'll take free money, especially with the BBT3 in play.

Let's review:

Tournament $$ - Okay, this good. Unregister from a tournament and get T$. BUT - does this now remove the mutitple-satellite profit centre? Do I now get T$ if I satellite more than once into the same MTT? Although it looks like you can convert T$.

Auto Top-Up - I'm surprised this wasn't already there.

Sit out/in next blind - Cool, saves me from accidentally playing an orbit more than I planned. Only applies to speed games though.

Player notes from lobby - I can definitely see how this comes in handy. "Total fish, play whenever you get the chance."

12 hour self-exclusion - Yah, that might have come in handy a couple times.

Satellites end when top prize reached - ABOUT FREAKIN' TIME! No more "oh, have we made it?" moments or "WHY ARE YOU FOLDING?" fights. Hoy will be happy.

More blind-posting time - okay.

No All-in chatting - Return of Hoy-betting and reverse-Hoys! Although excellent means of inducing calls/folds, they were started because Stars doesn't allow chatting when there's an all-in. Now Tilt has it. It makes sense, but is annoying as hell in blogger games.

No observer chat in larger games - Booo-urns to this. I get it, but there's nothing like making it deep in a big MTT and having a sea of blogger railing you to the confusion of others. Not that I'd know.

No chat as bubble approaches in satellites - I'm not sure on this one. I mean, there's something to be said for the guy who says, "I only want the money, not the the seat." Although with T$ now, I guess this is necessary. Also, why take away the fun of typing "WTF?? Why would you bet at an empty sidepot! I had him beat you donkey! Don't you know how to play a bubble?"

Revamped windows - obviously a necessity due to the changes.

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bayne_s said...

Sadly it also means in sats I lose the ability to type "Check it down" when I am the shorty