Monday, February 11, 2008

This Time Next Week I'll Be Asleep

Another weekend down. Fairly laid-back, despite getting plenty of fresh air.

Drinks, dinner, movie, drinks, hanging out, dim sum, dinner, rockin' the 80's, with lots of chatting and conversation spread throughout... involving 9 different friends at various times. Like I said, not a bad weekend.

Michael Clayton - good movie. No idea why it was nominated for so many Oscars. I can see Swinton and Wilkinson's nominations, and even Gilroy's directing nod. I'm not sure about Clooney's best actor though. I guess they're dying to give him one to go with his Best Supporting from a couple years back. Is it a best picutre contender? I don't know. It didn't create much of a reaction from me overall, and I just can't see WHY it's nominated. There were better films out this year.

-30ÂșC with the wind chill today. I'm sure it will be warmer when Eh-Vegas rolls around.

In the ongoing saga of my attempts to get into work on time - I left my place before 9am today -- texting seems an effective method of getting the brain working -- and promptly got stuck on my subway before they took the train out of service, resulting in me arriving at... 9:20. Damn.

I wonder if it feels like everyone showed up just to have the host take their money when Erick Lindgren won his own FTOPS event last night. I took a shot to play with the last multi-seat satellite, but fell well short. The 6-max NLHE tonight is tempting, but I'm not about to pony up the $1k to play. I may try and get into the weekend events though. Especially since next Monday is a holiday. Damn... I don't usually give a shit about FTOPS.

Had fun yesterday in a $22 Turbo SnG. Very quick drop to heads-up (60/120 blinds when we were down to two), which meant the HU portion was actually worthwhile. I slow-played cowboys to take it down in the end after crippling my opponent with flop and turn aggression. Loads of fun, and made me feel good about my end game.

As usual, the MATH is tonight on Full Tilt, 10pm EST, $26 or a Lvl 1 token, 6-max NLHE. I'll be there, in an attempt to once again improve my leaderboard spot and better last week's 2nd place finish.

Tonight will also be when I get started with Eh-Vegas prep. The first batch of dessert will be started. Considering it will take at least 5 days to make enough ice cream, I'd better stay on schedule. I can't lie, 1 of those days involves me doing nothing.

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