Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Turtle is Nature's Suction Cup


So I called for the Pats to win. But I put a condition on it - if their best shot was hurt, then it would be problematic. Well, Brady seemed uninjured, but he had absolutely ZERO protection. What the fuck? Can't you guys stop a single Giant from getting through? He was sacked, what, FIVE times... in the SUPERBOWL? If you ain't got anybody to shoot the giants with your big patriot muskets, you ain't gonna win.

Pretty solid D on both sides though... I lost track of the punts.



Loved, loved, LOVED the Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Conan O'Brien crossover last night. In fact, the whole "who made Huckabee" thing led into it brilliantly. The fact they carried it over to each show was great. I wonder if Conan got a tiny little ratings boost from that. Best waste of time during the writer's strike to date.



Obviously came in 2nd in the MATH last night. Glad to see my moneyboard position improve. No talk of a chop at any point, which is good. I'm not anti-chop (I took one in the first Hoy of the year), but I'd rather play to the end in most cases. Granted, I'd take the chop Chad took the other day in a heartbeat.

A couple memorable hands where the AA that PirateLawyer didn't believe I had, the 6x that flopped a set and rivered quads, and the 89 that I battled against Chad's 89 where we both had the nut straight and tried to extract maximum value from one another.

I also did alright in some SnG's beforehand. Took 3rd in a $55 Turbo, 1st in a $22 Turbo, 3rd in a $22 Turbo, and 6th in a Peep. Lost a couple other peeps and I think 1 (or maybe 2) other $22's... so not a terrible night.

I was back to focused on my game, and it made all the difference. Seldom was the "eh, what the hell" hand played. I read my opponents and was generally happy to follow the "if you're beat, then fold" rule. It felt good.

The Skill Series continues tonight. Once again, I won't be able to make it, but I may just be at The Mookie tomorrow, unless I end up playing live and going deep instead.

Now to decide if I want to go with work on a winery tour/casino trip this Saturday. $25 for wine tasting, chartered bus, $10 in casino credit, and 5 hours of play at Fallsview. Any locals interested?



Chicken, red peppers, red onions, chopped jalapeno. 5 Chili powders (regular, hot red, chipotle, ancho, mexican), habanero powder, cayenne pepper, black & pink ground peppercorns, (that's a lot of peppers), salt, ground coriander seed, chipotle tabasco, garlic powder. Sauteed. Finished with fresh lime juice. Two tortillas, jalapeno jack, colby, and 7 year-aged white cheddar. Sour cream and homemade salsa. That's a quesadilla.

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