Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Unexpected Happenstance

Work just got interesting. Get the feeling I'll have some stepping up to do. I wish things played out slightly differently.

No, I'm in no jeopardy. Quite the opposite.

Skill Series last night. I did... poorly. I was completely card dead, which is a little tougher to battle through in limit. Eventually I knew I was committed with KQ and went out with no stories to tell. The smartest thing I did might have been sitting out the first 30 minutes.

Also played in the 50-50. Went out 201st of 1200-something runners. I could have easily coasted to the cash, but I gave someone a courtesy double-up when I put them on Ax instead of T9h (T-high board), and then found myself floundering before pushing all-in with AKo and zero fold equity... I was actually ahead preflop, got some more outs on the flop, but caught nothing to go home 21 from the cash. By screwing up that earlier hand, I was relying on luck to make it from there. If I get away from that hand, then I have the chips to steal and apply pressure, especially around the bubble. I played a solid, controlled game to that point too.

Then again, going out then meant I could get enough sleep to actually make it in earlier today.

Das Mookenstein tonight. See you there.

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BamBam said...

If I can catch an hours snoooze, I'll see you tonight.

Now let's get you added to the bloggers pron star list that's quickly becoming quite the "feature cast."

Hit up Bedrock and par-tiss-a-pate!