Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful

The past few days have made me long for a wood-burning fireplace. Alas, I'm one floor too low for that. It's been a mite chilly here in the T-Dot. 10cm more snow expected today. It's winter, and I love it. As long as I'm either inside, or bundled up.

I have a couple things to pick up today before heading home. Could mean a brief jaunt in the cold. Then again, -14 isn't terrible.

On the poker front, last night was uneventful. 2nd in a $22 SnG, 10th in the MATH after riding a short-to-middling stack for the last hour. It's tough to chip up when nobody will play with you unless you're stealing. All's well though, as I got some chores done, and a couple EASY things I'd been putting off are taken care of. I plan to do more the same tonight.

I also have a hankering to play an MTT tonight. Probably the 50-50 (congrats to Hoy on his finish yesterday), or maybe the 28k. There's the Skill Series too, where we can all comment on how quiet Chad's being despite the donktastic plays against him. 6-Max LHE is the game... I'm not entirely sure how that would play out, other than ugly. Amazingly enough, it's looking entirely possible that I'll actually be there for a Skill Series game.

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Shrike said...

Enjoyed playing & chatting with you as always, Astin. See you in the Skillz game tonight!