Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We Are All Just Prisoners Here, of Our Own Device

Ah Facebook. I don't think I need to reiterate my distaste for the place. But here lies even more backup to my stance.

But then again, I imagine gmail, and probably hotmail, and who knows? Maybe even Blogger have similar issues. I mean, we know you can delete a blog... but is it really gone? Or is there a backup sitting on Google's servers somewhere that has all of Chad's old posts?

Point being - they offer you a means to leave, but actually deleting your presence on Facebook is incredibly difficult, if not nigh impossible. Information is a valuable asset these days, and it's hard to make companies part with their assets.

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TenMile said...


will get you every post you have written as "Astin" on blogspot. It found all the ones I wrote as blogs with different names but the same pen name.

Not sure what it tracks; example: changing the ISP.

The end of my license with Google is 2014. I've never investigated what happens after that at the same address. But seem to remember Google saying all the writings are stored, no end date.