Friday, February 15, 2008

Hot Damn

Yah, there'll be a food post sometime re: last night's dinner. It was just fish and chips, but damn was it tasty, and deep-fried perfectly. Now I really need a working deep-fryer (the one I have is a combo fryer/steamer/slow-cooker... it doesn't get hot enough for frying, so I have to risk a pot). Yup, yet another specialized item that I'll use twice a year is on my list. Time to do some research.

Long weekend coming up, and me with minimal plans. I'll probably go see a movie or two (No Country For Old Me, The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, There Will be Blood, Sweeney Todd, and Persepolis are all on my list), but will largely be playing poker.

Tonight is Kat's donkament, which I may or may not be in. I'll be around, but I often find that playing a $1 rebuy while playing other, more serious tables, can be distracting. I imagine I'll have the 50-50 going, maybe the 24 or 28k, an FTOPS ME satellite, and midnight madness is always a possibility if I find myself on the no-longer playing side of the equation on the others.

We're expecting another 15-20cm of snow on Sunday (done by Monday morning), so staying in all day will likely be the order of business. Isn't this the time of the month where The Big Game usually happens? Regardless, the FTOPS ME is on, and that's where the focus will be.

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Alyce said...

JUST fish and chips? Would you say it's just Andy Warhol? Just Harold and Kumar?

I'm so disappointed in you.