Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'm Gonna Club This Seal To Make A Better Deal

Romney's in the middle of dropping out of the GOP race at the moment.

I haven't really paid too much attention to the primaries of late, and to be honest, I've barely paid any attention to Romney at all.

Well, he's talking now, and I'm glad I didn't pay any attention. He's a pandering buffoon. Oh sure, he's well-dressed, intelligent, and speaks well, but so are successful used car salesmen.

Not a word he's spoken in his concession speech has had a ring of truth to it. They come off as talking points, "conservative" nods, and a means to save his ass. He's quitting so extremists don't win? He doesn't want to delay a national campaign? His quitting hurts Hillary and Obama's chances? Give me a fucking break. You got your ass handed to you on Tuesday and you don't want to be so embarrassed that you can't run again in 4 or 8 years. The shit-eating grin on his face when he delivered the "reason" he was dropping out spoke volumes - "You're actually buying this horseshit? I knew you were morons."

The veiled shots at gay marriage and "judges destroying the institution of marriage". Is that argument still be waged? Yah, it's directly connected to the single-parent families and children born out of wedlock you alluded to a sentence earlier. Guess what? Gay couples have just about NOTHING to do with single-parent families dipshit. The "institution" of marriage is a joke with a 50% divorce rate, abuse, infidelity, and all the other problems with it. Blaming it on an speicifc group of people who have nothing to do with the real problems is pathetic, and as usual speaks of avoidance and an inability to deal with the root causes. But keep harping on a dead issue. A shame, because when you started talking about cultural values and the importance of culture for the sustenance of a nation, I was agreeeing with you.

Bashing Clinton for his "peace dividend". "We got the dividend... but not the peace." Are your writers' arms tired from patting themselves on the back? To blame the Clinton administration for the current war is pathetic. Bush comes in and you go from an era of peace to an era of war, confrontation, division, and fear. There was absolutely NO reason to maintain a military at cold-war levels in a time of peace. The TRILLIONS of dollars spent on the US military is obscene when they are in a peacekeeping role. Today, of course, is a different story. Create a war, and you can keep the military happy.

There was so much other crap flying from his lips in the speech that I was unbelievably happy he wasn't winning. Keep pandering to the religious reich buddy. Through it all, an undercurrent formed that I saw... personal freedom and choice were anathema to the US in Romney's world. "Everyone believes in God." No... they don't. "If you don't believe in a higher power, and don't believe in traditional values and morals and ethics, then you're hurting this country." He's a better-spoken, better-looking, smarter, Bush.

The only topic that I even partially agreed with him on was his economic rhetoric, but even then his disparaging view of social programs made me ill. He's worth how many millions? $87 million of his OWN MONEY spent on his campaign... to even pretend like he knows what someone earning $12,000 a year or less faces is laughable.

Do I even need to mention the number of times he invoked the name of Reagan? Talk about pandering to your base. I think hope pray, that the sentiment in the States is in fact for change and reconciliation. That people are becoming less obsessessed with some imaginary party lines and more concerned with making things WORK and saving the true values (Life, Liberty, and all that stuff) of the country. Asshat politcal garbage like I'm hearing from Romney, and to a lesser extent, Clinton, isn't helping anyone but themselves. I know there are intelligent, educated people down there. It's a shame that they're ignored by the politicians, who instead focus on the morons who will vote for them cuz they don't like people who are difernt.

Bye Mitt, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

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Hmmm, Well. . Wow!

It is nice to see him go.