Friday, February 29, 2008


It appears I passed the 500 post mark about 5 posts ago. Cool.

A Rule: When asking yourself which game to play, if the thought starts with "I'm pretty drunk and tired..." the answer should automatically be NONE. Not, "a $22 SnG would be fine." Full Tilt made a point of telling me to go to bed by laying about 3 serious beats on me to knock me out in 6th.

Otherwise, no Riverchasers for me last night, although I checked in when they were down to 6, and I told CK that the guy I didn't know (Luridsomething) was going to win, simply because I had no clue who he/she was. Drunken prognostication rules!

But now, it's Friday. It's also February 29th... which is like a free day! Some people are all, "carpe diem" with the leap years. Those people annoy me.

I got nothing today. Maybe someone will write something to inspire me.

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