Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Somewhat Flawed MATH

"I'm at that cusp where I'm about to refocus on my game again. I've developed some pretty big holes of late, and I'll need to patch those up."

-Me, yesterday

It's a start:

Got lucky a couple times, had my two pocket aces paid a bit, a KK that didn't, and what felt like a pretty normal range of hands. Lots of Ax when were down to 3 though. I picked my spots, and generally picked them well. There were two mistakes on my part, one of which gave Tripjax the lead 3-handed, and he didn't look back. Congrats to Tripjax for the win. Well-deserved.

Sleep now.


BamBam said...

Great run last night Astin.

TripJax said...

Well played, sir. It felt like I applied so much pressure that it was difficult to not tangle with me when I had that set and you had a decent hand. Definitely a defining moment of the final table methinks.

Good gamin' with ya.

Astin said...

TY BamBam

It's true Trip. I actually was really suspicious that you had at least an overpair to the board there, but you'd played so many hands previously that I felt taking the shot was worth it on such a low, unconnected board. Perfect hand to get a set with.

Good game.