Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eh-Vegas Progress

Wow, is it Wednesday already? Yikes.

Eh-Vegas kicks off in 2 days! I have to feed 20 people in 3!

Last night I did the grocery run. Bag of potatoes, bag of onions, bag of carrots, bunch of celery, herbs, garlic, and 8.5 lbs of butternut squash, and lots more. Let's say 1 box and 8 or 9 bags of groceries. I still need to pick up some mix and bread.

Ice cream was finished Monday. It's all frozen up.

Soup will be done either tonight or tomorrow. I'm so happy I have an immersion blender. If I'm late for the Mookie, blame the soup.

And of course, there's over 3kg of elk thawing in my fridge. My friend Alyce just put up a post extolling the health benefits of Elk. Look at that chart and tell me you aren't even more tempted... low fat, low cal, aaaaalllll kinds of tasty. You know you want it.

By the way - dinner last night was an elk burger with caramelized onions, sauteed garlic mushrooms, tomato, dill relish, sweet & smokey mustard, sun-dried tomato pesto, applewood smoked cheddar, and a fried egg, all on a fresh onion bun. I have more elk in my freezer than anything else (11 patties, 2 tenderloins, a small roast, at least a dozen sausages... plus the roasts and a couple packs of pepperettes in the fridge). I may have a slight addiction...

Anyway, it should be all ready to go in the oven come Saturday afternoon. Now I just need to make sure I've got the extra table, chairs, plates, bowls, and cutlery all together and setup by then.

Oh, and I have to clean my place somewhere in there too. The less cat hair floating around, the better.


BWoP said...

You have a cat??

Good to know. I will bring my Claritin.

Otherwise, I would be dead by the time the elk is ready.

Astin said...

I've always said, you never know who's allergic to cats until you get one. I have two actually, but only one is a shedder.

I have non-drowsy Allegra kicking around too. It actually works in Canada. Plus a couple air purfiers running 24/7, and the the floor will be swept and mopped and all surfaces vacuumed and febreezed beforehand.

pokertart said...

If you need any extras (plates, cutlery, chairs etc) - Bankwell and I will be driving into Toronto and would be happy to bring some stuff along...just let me know.

BamBam said...

Same goes here Astin Sir!

Just shout if we can be of any assistance!

Irongirl01 said...

I love cats as you know no problems for me and looking forward to meeting them!!... If they are both Bengals why does one shed and the other doesnt? Now My Maine Coon is a shedder and currently sitting with front paws crossed looking rather handsome at my feet.

BWoP said...

Does Claritin work in Canada?

It has worked in cat situations here in the U.S.

Astin said...

I've found Claritin to be complete crap for me in the past, but then most over-the-counter meds don't do much for me. For pet allergies (I used to be allergic to cats) I use non-drowsy Allegra. But I've got friends who swear by Claritin, so if it's worked in the past for you, stick with it.