Friday, February 15, 2008

And On It Goes

Ok, roasts are in stock, so I'll be heading to the store tonight to pick them up. Ice cream will be done this weekend (first batch is finished, 2nd batch will be cooked tomorrow and frozen Sunday). Soup ingredients and veggies for roasting will be purchased early next week and soup should be made by Thursday.

Saturday will involve roasting meat and vegetables, mashing potatoes, and making the yorkshire pudding once the meat is out of the oven. Kat - you've got the garlic bread handled, right?

Somewhere in there I'll restock whatever beer shortages I have. They should be minimal. I need to inventory my wine to see if I need something more suitable for the meal. Fuel suggested a Cab Bordeaux, and if there's any blogger I trust for wine selection, he's the man.

Of course, there's SoCo and copious amounts of other booze as well. That reminds me, I need to get some white grapefruit juice.

I'm just warning you now, you may have to eat off your laps. I have the space for everyone, but the seating/table availability could be tricky. I'm sure you'll manage. Or I could just buy a damned coffee table already...

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BamBam said...

Table, chair, lap or air. Who cares?
The point is the getting together and that's all that really matters.