Friday, February 08, 2008

Ahhh, A Red Snapper. Mmmm, Very Tasty

Taken out of context, that title sounds filthy. Awesome.

This will ramble and be all over the place. I KNOW! First time for everything I guess.

Jon Stewart is great. I've been a fan since the old The Jon Stewart Show on FOX way back when. Last night he tore into Romney and covered a lot of what I railed on him for, in pretty much the same way. I like it when people agree with me. I also forgot to mention his comment on Europe's "demographic disaster". I think it should be self-evident how moronic that comment is. But hey, the majority of Republican votes come from people who don't know what the world looks like beyond the end of their street. It scares me how much the party that once had Lincoln as its leader is becoming (or has already become) a classic case of the rich and intelligent few leading the unwashed masses. They might as well claim they have magic to strike fear into the peons.

Enough politics. For now.

Played a bit last night. SnG, 28k, $3 KO, and some .10/.25 6-max with Waffles, Tragedy, and eventually ScottMc. SnG went poorly (killed when my turned trips were defeated by a rivered boat). 28k was going well until I got distracted by the KO and chatting (out 400-something). KO was fun, and I won the last-longer, so that was $17 profit there. The cash was a blast, as we berated eachother endlessly in the table chat and I was just donking around.

Tonight I'm out with a buddy. Maybe catch Michael Clayton, or maybe I can convince him to start playing poker again and hit the club. He was one of the guys in Vegas with me... but we got him addicted to craps instead of getting him to play cards for the first time in a while. This means none of that online stuff for me. I'm hoping to make Pauly's game tomorrow though.

I often run into people I know while walking my city. Sometimes they're unexpected... especially when they live an hour away and are standing outside my subway station.

Eh-Vegas is now 2 weeks away. I should probably pick up some vanilla beans tonight so I can get started on the ice cream on Monday. The rest of the supplies can be picked up Sunday methinks. Hmm... mayhaps I'll get some double-smoked bacon for me while I'm there. I love the markets in this city. Note to self: e-mail the damned elk place to make sure a roast is available. 13 people confirmed so far I think. Gonna be a lot of meat.


Alyce said...

Pepperettes, damnit!


Irongirl01 said...

Looks like im being kidnapped and will be there too!!