Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Eh

As evidenced below - soup's done!

Forgive the mixed measurement systems. 9 lbs of squash, 3 1/4 litres of chicken stock, around 10 cups of other veggies, and a few other ingredients = one big pot of butternut squash and roasted garlic bisque. Good thing I made space in the fridge.

A couple litres of crème brûlée ice cream in the freezer.

I'm getting there. The roasts are slowly thawing. I'm glad I'm giving them a few days to do so.

Tonight - round one of cleaning. Round two will be Saturday, along with setup of tables, chairs, and various other accoutrements. Forgive my lack of placemats, I'm sure it won't be a problem.

Tomorrow - I plan to get home as early as possible, change, and head out to wherever my fellow degenerates are at the time. Let's figure out where we're eating. Everything else can go from there.

A couple more options on the "things to do" list:

- Icefest in the Bloor/Yorkville area is this weekend, which is pretty close to you people staying in the Sutton Place.

- Or if you're the morbid type, check out the devestation of the biggest fire we've seen in a while here. Huge plume of smoke over the city most of yesterday.


Alyce said...

Correction: You USED to have a couple litres of crème brûlée ice cream in the freezer.

Astin said...

How'd you get past my two deadly guard cats? All that cat-ninja training... wasted.

BamBam said...

Which of the two "things to do" do you think 'The rippers' will go see?


Give me a call when you're done work. I'm sure that if you get in late enough, you'll get off early too.

Jan, ( The Sutton connection ) will be joining us for the nights debauchery Friday. She's local too.
Like, your neighbour local!

Two T-spotters, how can we go wrong?

Do you need anything? JUST ASK!