Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Flotsam

This post may possibly contain jetsam as well.

It is FRIDAY. Eh-Vegas kicks off TONIGHT! The best thing about Eh-Vegas? I don't have to go anywhere that isn't within walking distance! No airport security, no airport taxi lineups, no waiting for bags, no check-in... sweeeet.

So, no idea what the plan is for tonight outside of "eat someplace, go from there."

Although my plan also includes "do some groceries, go home, clean a bit more, and change". Very exciting I know.

As for tomorrow's Eh-fternoon shift plans, I'll of course be at home cooking for the rest of you degenerates.

What the hell is the song that's been trying to go through my head for a week? I've heard it twice, and both times promptly forgotten it. It's from the 80's, it's NOT "Hot Girls in Love" (which is what ends up going through my head) or "Hot-Blooded" but is along those lines... it's driving me nuts.

Minimal poker last night. 2 $22 SnG's, 3rd in one, and out by a douchebag in another. He seemed a touch miffed that I called his udnerpair bluff push with my TP earlier on. Annoying table... some dick who states "I should put your ass all-in" when I raise his BB from the button (which was stupid because with the few chips I had behind he had zero fold equity), and the aformentioned douchebag who when I put in a standard raise claims "payback time!" and pushes. The dick almost called, and then folded. I said "what the hell" with only a few chips behind and called with my 78s. Flopped a straight draw, but it didn't fill against his AKo. I laughed, because this tool is easy money in the future with moves like that.

Did I eat dinner last night? Right... rice stir fry. Elk sausage and fried potatoes the night before. Yum.

Dessert's coming in cone form tomorrow. Less cleanup for me.

Just discovered that work has finally banned YouTube. Now how can I keep up with witty financial videos?

Mmm... bacon double cheeseburger.... and frings. Lunch = yum.

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Irongirl01 said...

Hot for teacher??? Hot child in the city?

Im driving it tomorrow.. Still snowing here in Smallbany