Thursday, February 28, 2008

Can Anyone Spare the U.S. a Dollar?

Came upon this article today. It details the US costs of the war in Iraq. It is rather eye-opening.

The skinny - $3 TRILLION.

Granted, it sets off a few bias alarms in my head, but the underlying ideas and concepts that are touched upon are scary.

Can it all be laid at the current administration's feet? Well... mostly. But the part about the horrible accounting practices of the DoD makes me think there are historical issues here. Nobody questions the cost of war when Japanese fighters are dropping bombs on Hawaii. Nobody said "hold on a sec" when the world rolled into Afghanistan. But as soon as Iraq was invaded, unprovoked, questions started to get asked. Whoops.

I also mightily suggest checking out Julius Goat's latest. The goat speaks politics. A man of words writing about a man of words. Well-said Groucho.

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