Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pics Later

My camera battery died while I was taking pictures of dinner on Saturday. I haven't gotten around to charging it, and I don't have a CF card reader. Once the battery's charged, I'll get the pics up. Likely sometime tonight.

Tonight will also be when I finally finish the dishes and other cleanup from Saturday. Bloggers aren't necessarily a messy group, but 15 nuns would take me some time to tidy up after.

That said, I'm glad I've got plenty of leftovers. Even after giving a few servings of leftover soup and 1/2 an elk roast to my friend, I've still got 1/4 of a roast and at least 3-4 meals of soup left. Plus some potatoes and veggies. Lots of ice cream too.

Yah, I'll start that diet any day now.


Here's a story from Eh-Vegas.

We were walking from the hotel to dinner on friday night. Along the way, the group split a bit. A group in the front, another straggling, and me alone in the middle. Some guy is standing in the street trying to hail cabs that already have passengers, and yells out randomly "get me a cab!"

Then he wanders over to me. "Hey man! Get me a cab! I've got like 10 minutes and I'm done!" I look around, no cabs.

"Don't think I can help you man."

"I need a cab man, I've got too much money."


"I'm serious, check it, I'm strapped. I've got a gun."

He opens his jacket to reveal a gun in his belt. I'm confused, but hardly worried, because he has a gun and too much money.

"I don't see any cabs."

"Portuguese man. Serious. The boss though, he's Italian. He's serious. I'm getting out man. 10 minutes, that's all I got and I'm done. I need to get there."

"Sorry man."

"Alright, keep it real man."

Fist comes out, I meet it with mine. Don't turn down a friendly gesture from a guy packing heat and obviously not entirely there.

He wanders off into the street again, and yells "get me a cab!"

Kat and Joanne wander up and I say, "I don't know what he's on, but keep it the fuck away from me."


While I hear the Pro-EH-dure was fun for those involved, the Friday night visit to the Brass Rail was somewhat dull. Dancers who have the enthusiasm of a wet boot and don't venture into your private area until one unfortunate drops $180 on one of them first can have that effect. Next time? We get a limo to Whiskey A-Go-Go's in Concorde. Waaaaaaay more fun.

Not that we didn't make our own fun after a little while on Friday.


Saturday I spent getting things ready. The tourney at the club was fun, even if BamBam flopped his set of 3's over my fishhooks. What he fails to mention is that as soon as we flipped over our cards (all-in preflop), he says, "I'm winning this one, just so you know." Followed by the 3 coming down HARD. Crippled me. Soon thereafter we merged to the FT and CK knocked me out of our second consecutive blogger live game with HER JJ vs my QJ (I pushed my small stack in early). D'oh.

The cash game (1/2) was equally fun, with a bunch of the crew, plus a couple of the club's staff/players who didn't feel like hitting the 5/5 game going on one table over. I was up for a bit before donking off a healthy portion to Kat's nut straight over my baby.

Iakaris showed up shortly after we all wrapped up. Kat, Jo, and I stuck around to chat with the good Dr. for a bit before calling it a night. The only Iak sighting of the weekend unfortunately.


Sunday was Niagara. I swung between donkey play and solid play. I made a few great calls, with one being useless when VinNay rivered 2 pair after I agonized on whether or not he had the straight or just a flush draw (neither) to my overpair. That stung. Mostly because I only called instead of listening to the voice that was yelling at me to push.

AA twice btw, both times when I was below my initial buy-in to more than double up. CK couldn't take 'em down with T7s. The other time, some donk decided that pushing with QQ into a 994 board was a good idea. No way he had a piece of that after pre-flop action.

But I ended up down after playing on tilt for a bit. I eventually decided to just have fun and keep the table chatter going at my end. I played the table entirely wrong, but had fun nonetheless. Final hand?

QQ. Raise before me to 12, I re-raise to 25, some prepubescent kid goes all-in short, raiser puts me all in, I call. K7KQ7 board... prepube has JT or some crap, and the raiser has... AKo!! Suck, re-suck, re-re-suck! I yell "BOOYA!" and show my cards nonetheless, and the say "I hate that river... I'm done." I stand up, put on my coat, and turn to leave when I hear "hey! why are you giving him the chips?" The dealer bought my act and pushed the pot to me! HAHAHA!! I, being far too honest for my own good, and knowing everyone at the table knew what was what, pointed out that kings full of 7's beats queens full of kings and left.


Skill game is tonight. I don't know if I'll be there or not. HOE ain't bad, but I've got shit to do, and haven't had enough sleep of late. Need to rest up for BBT3: Electric Boogaloo. Let me say, if you thought what Al had lined up for the Aussie millions was good... you ain't seen nothing yet.


Alyce said...

C'mon ladies man with the ungrabbed buttox -- get those pics up!

Mr. Bankwell said...

Where is the food pr0n pics?

Nice to meet you Astin, even if it was us eating your food and trying to take your money.