Monday, February 25, 2008


As my alarms blared this morning, I was dreaming that it was 9:30am, and I was officially screwed in terms of work. In my dream I knew that I wasn't getting out of my place until 10:00 at the earliest, and yet I still didn't get out of bed. I figured I was fired.

Then my brain woke up a little bit more and made me look at a real clock. It was 7:20, and I had oodles of time. My body, however, decided it was exhausted and I wasn't going anywhere. Such is the morning after the end of Eh-Vegas 2008.

There will be pictures. In my case, mostly of food and possibly people enjoying it.

Drinking, dinner, drinking, being told we had to leave the hotel by a couple besuitted members of the staff, unenthusiastic strippers, cooking, cleaning (I hear others were brunching and checking out the Eh-fternoon shift at this time), feeding, drinking, pokering, Niagara, more poker, lots of losing, and tons of fun, all surrounded by good conversation, good times, and good people. If you weren't here... your loss.

To Al, Riggstad, CK, IG, Joanne, BamBam, Pebbles, DonKaa, QueenK, Carson, SuzyQ, Matt, PokerTart, Bankwell, VinNay, Iakaris, and anyone I missed - thanks for coming, and I hope you all had fun.

To Kat - great job organizing! Thanks you SO much for putting forth the effort yet again. The only thing I'd change? Somehow find a way to stop the weekend from ending... because today sucks ass in comparison to the past three days.


Joanada said...

I'm about to get on the plane and am wishing there was some way we could just do it all over again instead.

Was sooooo much fun!

And dinner was simply amazing, thanks again Astin!! (email me pics, please)

katitude said...

today utterly sucks...rather be playing poker and saying BOOOOOOOOOOM

BamBam said...

I kept the BOOOOOOOOM voice mail!

Right at that point that I thought I was gonna die from work re-integration, I played it over and over and over again!


Thank you so much Sir, for everything! It was sincerely my pleasure to have finally met you.

Really sorry about the suck-out! Despite my tone at the time.

You probably should have layed a real BOOOOOM !! on me. I would have deserved it. Karma paid me back in full on Sunday. I was pushed into on the turn, while I held a set of aces. The guy had a draw to one of the two 10's in the deck for a straight while holding J-K, with a board of A-Q-3-7.

As soon as 1 person announced that they folded a 10 and another said they saw one burn, YUP! He got there on me.

Thanks again! You're a great host and a pleasure to be around.

BWoP said...

Thank you SOOOOO much for cooking. The food was fantastic!

If only I could have cracked your A-A with 7-T . . .