Monday, March 03, 2008

And They're Off!

Last night kicked off BBT3: Look Who's Luckboxing Now! With a bang. The Big Game, $75 ponied up to play. 105 runners. ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE! That would have been a great turnout for The Mookie in BBT2! Over $1,900 for first place! Sweet baby jeebus that's impressive.

I imagine it was helped along somewhat by the appearance of one Scott Fischman. A red pro draws flies apparently, although it being a private tourney probably discouraged a few people from putting in the 0.0003 seconds of effort required to sign up.

And of course Scotty goes and beats the entire congregation of donkeys into submission by DOMINATING the field. He was down to around 2000 chips at one point, when that wasn't very much, and turned it around to take a dominating lead about 20min later. He was heads-up with over 400k vs cmitch's 100k. But as was obvious to everyone, Scott got lucky. Repeatedly. It's like someone took Bayne and I (and some CJ too) and created a Frankenstein's Monster of poker playing. He'd lose a chunk and win it back with the "instant rebate" the very next hand. He'd call with crap and catch unbelieveable cards. 4-straights, rivered boats over sets, ATC was gold! And then if you stood up to him pre-flop, he'd have premium starting cards! It was nuts.

Me? I was out 32nd after rapidly blinding down and then impatiently shoving with Q6s and and M of about 1.7. I almost waited, and then the awfuckits hit and I was done, because I ran into KK directly to my left. Whoops.

So, 1 game down, 54 to go, and we've got a pro with the very first TOC seat. Think he'll even show up for the game? Would it be a complete disaster if he got one of the ME seats? Who wants controversy?

Otherwise, a solid, if uneventful weekend. I'm loving the T$ on Tilt now. I'm just about ready to forget about tokens and just keep playing the cheap rebuy satellites to the big tournaments. Par example (that's French for "For example"):

Played the two 50-50 rebuy sats. $2 rebuy and $3 rebuy.

- Win the $2 rebuy with $8.20 investment, play the 50-50.
- Win the $3 rebuy with $12.30 investment, take the T$
- Play the $55 $750g Guarantee 12 seat (18 seats in the end) satellite with the 50-50 T$, win $216 entry, unregister for the T$
- Play a $75 3-seat SnG, win another $216 in T$ by unregistering from the game.

There were a couple other attempts (including two 2-seat 100-chip turbos) that failed, but in the end I turned $12.30 into over $300 in T$. I'd say that's a better return than the tokens. These rebuys are ultra-soft, and tight aggressive play will take 'em down most of the time.

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