Thursday, March 27, 2008

Late Night Railing

After my early and unfortunate ouster from The Mookie last night, I stuck around for a bit. I fired up the Dookie and got creamed in that. As well as a $3 rebuy SnG sat to the $750k (fishing for T$), which only cost me $6, had me in the top 5 consistently after the add-on, and then saw my aces crushed by jacks after some great preflop luring on my part. I wisely pulled out of a Tier 2 token game. I unwisely played the 0.15/0.30 doublestack blogger cash game. I short-bought for $30, lost that, and the put in my last $38. In there somewhere I played a 50 FTP pushfest and went out down immediately. In my last orbit of the cash game, I took my $20 left to $60 and called it a night.

But not really. Noooo... I check out the final table of The Mook and saw a table full of people I'd like to see win. Joanne, Riggs, Lightning, Recess, Tripjax, PirateLawyer, and someone named Hellory. I immediately called for Hellory (at the time near the bottom) as the winner, for the simple reason that I had no idea who he was. It's a rule - if you're at a final blogger table and I'm railing and have no idea who you are, you'll win. Hellory proved me right by taking the whole thing down after an epic HU with Riggs.

Congrats to Hellory, and gg to everyone else, especially Riggs.

Damn I want another deep run.

The Riverchasers is tonight as always. I'm signed up, but will likely be both late and drunk. That's probably the best strategy for this donkfest.

And it hasn't been mentioned much.... but THE BIG GAME is THIS SUNDAY. 9 people are signed up so far I think. I'm trying for a token, but will likely reload and buy-in based simply on time constraints before Sunday. C'mon people, let's get this thing going! BBT3 points and BIIIIIG MONEY!

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