Sunday, March 30, 2008

Big Game Ouster

Ah well. I think I played the Big Game well. I was feeling on, making good reads, being aggressive, and having that aggression pay off my bigger hands.

Then I ran top two pair into Don's overpair/OESD. He turned the straight and I was done in 25th of the 62 runners. That's poker.

Way earlier I was up against an all-in Don and Recess with JJ (they both had AQ). The case A (someone else folded a 3rd) flopped and that kept them alive and me from the chiplead. Naturally, if I win this hand, Don's gone and my chipstack dictates a very different game from that point, very likely with me still alive now. But "if's and but's..."

So far, BBT3 has been a bust for me. Some points, a little bit of cash, but no big run. LOTS of time left though, so I'm not worried.

Addendum: My prediction system continues unhindered. Misogynist won the game after being the only player at the final table I didn't recognize. My apologies to everyone else who wanted to win. Apparently Misogynist is Big Mike... one of Mookie's crew I think. That's research for you.

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